How to make a fondant cake with their hands

There are many recipes of cakes, some of them passed down from generation to generation. Culinary mistresses are not fixated on the monotony and are always in search of something new.

Mastic is an interesting variant of cake decorations that will surprise everyone.

Special paste designed to simulate a confectionery. It is used to create a variety of decorations. You can use it to cover the cake, giving it a more aesthetic appearance. In addition, you can mold figures, flowers or inscriptions. The results of the paste depends on your imagination, since the ready-made fondant is easy to use.


The recipe for breast mastic for cake


  • powdered sugar;
  • milk;
  • condensed milk.
How to prepare:

These ingredients are joined in a dish in the ratio of 1:1:1 and vmeshivayutsya to the consistency of soft clay. The resulting mass is not of white color, it is usually cream or light beige – this excludes its use for the manufacture of figurines “clean” colors, but it is edible and quite tasty.

Recipe of gelatinous putty for cake decorating

This kind of decoration are more picky but also more gentle, allowing you to sculpt figures out of it fine work.


  • gelatin;
  • water;
  • powdered sugar.
How to prepare:

1-2 tablespoons gelatin soaked in cold water for several hours, after which the fire communicated to the complete dissolution of lumps and homogeneous consistency. Gelatin can not be boiled – it loses its adhesive properties and acquires an unpleasant odor.

Then in a bowl is introduced 2-3 cups of powdered sugar and carefully is made. To give the desired color, you can use any food coloring – if it is a liquid form, it is necessary to add powder in order not to violate consistency.

Also, the decoration has not turned cloyingly sweet, you can add a little citric acid or lemon juice. Of a material for molding obtained excellent delicate flower petals and small figurines.

How to make a fondant cake out of marshmallow?

Marshmallow is airy marshmallows, often two-tone, respectively, and they are the basis. To make this type of mastic for cake to the pack of chocolates (100g), add a tablespoon of water and send for a short time in the microwave to increase.

Gradually add to the resulting mass 1.5 cups of powdered sugar, not forgetting to stir constantly, gradually adding, if necessary, powder. This species is the most easy to use for sculpting small items.


How to make chocolate fondant for cake

This species is less common, but no less worthy. For its preparation you will need chocolate and liquid honey in the ratio of approximately 2:1. The ingredients are thoroughly vmeshivayutsya and the resulting mass is ready to use. Chocolate can be used as black and white or add coloring – this does not affect the flexibility, will change only its color.

A few tips:

  • To work with this material there are a number of special tools: notched blades, molds and cutting, which allow to create true masterpieces
  • In the cooking process, you must use the homogeneous powdered sugar finely ground, otherwise the layer will be torn during the operation with him.
  • Also you should always have on hand a supply of the mass, in case you need to add to get the desired consistency. — Apply mastic is only on the little dry basis – this will avoid melting delicate material and the connection elements of the figures they should be slightly dampened.
  • Ready-made decorations that the idea needs to be solid, you need to leave the air and place on cake just before serving, the moisture did not spoil them.
  • A drop of moisture that appeared at the figure, can be easily removed by blotting with a napkin.

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  • If the mass thickens, to give it enough plasticity to heat.
  • The finished mass is to decorate the cake, if necessary, can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks and in the freezer up to a month.
  • Finished figures perfectly preserved in a sealed package.
Don't be afraid of experiments, apply knowledge in practice, creating culinary masterpieces, and will hear the cry of admiration of the guests, impressed by the taste and charm of your cake!

Cook with love ! Bon appetit!



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