Life in a wooden house!

Today in fashion naturalness. Natural colors, materials, fabrics, textures. No wonder taking care of their own health, many are thinking about how to make buildings out of wood. The wooden structure has never been more urgent and practical, in addition they are environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for health. In addition to houses can be seen and baths of logs. In such a construction a good escape from the urban bustle, to relax and spend time with benefits for body and soul.

The advantages of wooden sterotypically wood is a natural material, as if the house "breathes" and is it always comfortable and pleasant. Thanks to the active air circulation, the room is always the optimum temperature – cool in summer, warm in winter. With the introduction of modern technologies in the Assembly, the probability that the structure will be ventilated excluded. In turn, this is quite a cost-effective solution for the home, as ordering the projects of log homes, there is no need to spend money on additional insulation.

Thermal conductivity of wood is much lower brick. Experts say that not even the thick log walls of the house similar to the walls of a triple layer of brick. In addition, wood – material, which is most safely tolerate temperature extremes.

The undeniable advantage of wooden buildings is the use of less heavy and expensive Foundation because the wooden structure weighs almost 3 times less than of brick or stone. This design eliminated the appearance of cracks in the masonry, if the soil will begin to shrink, which is not reflected in the construction budget.

To build structures of wood takes much less time than similar ones from stone. In wooden houses easier to lay all the electrics and other communications, which again saves costs and time. Thanks to these advantages, more and more people prefer wood structures.

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