3 ways to find a job that ignites You

You know that feeling when the alarm quite good on Monday morning? The sense that it makes no sense to get out of bed, because this week will be no different from the previous one. And from those that were before. Whether you want this moment to the day ended in the blink of an eye? Not whether you have got tired to wait for the weekend to exhale a little bit?


And most importantly, you will not remember when your work has become a boring action in exchange for a regular salary. Deep down you know what you want to do something more meaningful and interesting. But I don't know where to start. About three steps to this, says blogger and coach Debasis Das.

1. Listen to their frustrations

The work frustrates you, because the reality doesn't meet your expectations. Do you expect your boss to be a positive mentor. And he always attributes to himself the merit of others. You thought you deserve a pay rise by 15%. And increased by only 3%. You thought that you will change the world. And you sit on meaningless meetings and leaf through Facebook to make it to the end of the day. Today this frustration and hopelessness is ingrained in the work culture. Most people accepted this as the norm and continue to live. But if you really want to find a job you love, you need to start with the basics of your personality. And your frustration will help you to open it.

If, for example, you think you're underpaid, perhaps you value financial stability above other things. Your best decisions and actions occur when you feel financially independent. Or if you think that you only shift the paper, it is possible that your home value — meaningful work. You will perform better and be more satisfied when you have the feeling that you really change something around. Select the three main motives for frustration and discontent that causes you work and write down what, in your opinion, lies behind them. Once you understand these your core values, you'll be one step closer to work that ignites you.

2. Listen to the past

Are you satisfied with this or that work — this question can only be answered through experience. And that's why you need to learn from your past. Next — a few questions that will help you to look into the past and discover those activities that awaken the best in you. — What personal and side project really brings you pleasure, but it had to be postponed because you are too busy? — What hobby you are still calling me when you have free time? — What do you like to help friends and colleagues? — What aspect of your work never seems to work for you — you are always waiting for her pleasure? So you will see a list of activities that you really like to charge you with energy. For example, if you like to write poetry (but then there wasn't time), then you might appreciate creative work. If you have started to learn programming (but then dropped out because the work became more of cases), then you probably appreciate learning and education, as well as solving complex problems. Guided by the list of these classes, write what values they satisfy. This will be your guide for selecting future opportunities for work and development. If the new project corresponds to one or more of these values, you will surely enjoy.

3. Help others to find work that ignites their

It's a shame when you can't understand that you actually satisfy. But with all the people around you. If you can give someone a job that will bring that person pleasure, it will help you to Wake up in anticipation of the upcoming day.

If you appreciate creative work like writing poems, maybe you'll find a way to help poets or lovers of poetry? And not necessarily for it to write poetry, just think of some kind of contribution: organise a conference or meeting poets.

How to find motivation to get to work that ignites you I one time went out drinking with friends, and we were sitting over a beer, discussing how badly we live with the boss. We bravely talked about what we will do when fired. And then returned to work on Monday, looking forward to next weekend. Now I don't go to this bar, but my friends go and continue to discuss all the same.

As I sit and write this post for you on a Friday night. Because I found a case that I like. I haven't written any best-seller. And I still do not earn their texts. I write because I love this thing. This is for me a privilege. And once you find that love, you do not need to be another motivation. You will always have friends inviting you to drink. Or well-wishers who advise to stay put and endure, because so do all. But you understand that you will never be comfortable until you find meaningful and satisfactory work. You just need to start.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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