An interesting finding in Moscow: prism Luxfer butcher

An interesting discovery was made recently at the butcher's during the reconstruction. Under the asphalt on the sidewalk at the former trading house Kuznetsova found grid American lighting prisms Luxfer (Luxfer).

Interestingly, in Europe and America, like Windows and still continue to be used in many basements and we have the entire practice stopped a revolution, but technology is more than interesting.

Windows on Myasnitskaya was under the asphalt. One of the gratings, say, already taken by the Museum. Oh! Such things should be used and the city to decorate, but, alas, we only decorate the museums.

So the bars look on the back side:

In 1896, in America, the company called later Luxfer Prism Company began to sell his invention — light Windows with prisms.

Windows Luxfer was a great success. Prisms collected the light, so that in the cellar the day was absolutely bright and did not need to spend additional energy.

These prisms spread first to America, and in the early 20th century mass came in Europe and Russia.

Alas, with the advent of Soviet power a access to many Western technology was closed, and "substituted" went down prism was just nothing. Over time, these Windows were either filled with concrete or rolled asphalt.

For example, in the lane near the butcher. Window production Bergman von Sheidt licensed Luxfer:

And in Europe, and still in many cities of the prism are used to the full. published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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