Why cats bite only those who suffer from depression?

Mi-mi-mi, and suddenly wham! But you have been bitten by a cat? It turns out that shaggy dissolve the teeth not just. 41 % of people bitten by cats, suffer or has in the past been treated for depression. Moreover, women among them, more than – 86 %. A group of scientists from Michiganskogo University decided to find out what cats don't like whiners. Now, researchers tested three hypotheses.

First: because of the cats – an effective cure for depression, people suffering from depression, often get cats. Thus, cats are just more likely to bite them.

Second: cats annoying behavior of people during the depression. The disease makes the owners unpredictable, which scares the animals. Maybe it's the overly sensitive sense of smell of cats who feel the "smell" of the disease. So far, scientists cannot unambiguously determine the reasons for the development of depression, the theories have a neurological, endocrine and somatic causes, and all this is due to biochemical processes, so the patient can really "smell".

Third: toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease of cats, which they can reward their owners. Toxoplasma is a protozoa that lives in the intestines of cats. Can be transmitted to humans, cleaning a cat box. Most often this occurs with women, although it is unclear why. Whether the immunity of women is less resistant to the pathogen, or whether they are simply more likely to take care of Pets. The danger of Toxoplasma in that they with blood spread throughout the body, including the brain. This leads to the development of depression in owners of cats.

While scientists from the University of Michiganskogo still working on solving the problem, we will advise you to remove the tray with gloves, thoroughly wash your hands afterwards, and don't bathe the cat or to entrust it to the bathing to the professionals. published

Author: Alla Yevtushenko

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