What likes and dislikes the nervous system

Our body is a network of nerve fibers. Their total length is approximately 1 billion meters: path from the earth to the moon and back. They are able to regenerate (without this we would not resist the blows of fate). However, nerve fibers recover very slowly: about 1 mm per day.

Write on a sheet of paper that is included in the scope of your vital interests: family, work, Hobbies (if any), pet dog or parrot, and so on. The longer will be the list, the less of your nervous system likely to become a target for chronic stress: if something goes wrong in one area, you can always find an outlet in others.

And remember: a strong family, loyal friends — the most reliable protection against nervous breakdown, diseases of the nervous system.


Fresh air

The Central nervous system will be grateful for long walks in the fresh air. After all, the brain, occupying only 2% of body weight, absorbs 18% received by the body of oxygen — much more than other organs and tissues.

The nervous system likes simple foods: wholemeal bread, cereals, especially buckwheat and oatmeal, legumes, fish, dried porcini mushrooms, meat and offal (liver, heart, kidneys). They are rich in b vitamins and nicotinic acid, which is especially necessary for the correct operation of the neurons.


Calm, deep, restful sleep that you need to restore your shaky nervous system. Sleep as much as your body needs. 8 hours is the average figure. One person is enough for 6 hours, and the other requires at least 9 to recover.

Nothing strengthens the nervous system, such as bathing, especially sea, wiping — in a word, any

water treatment.

Change of activity

He acts wisely who, as Mayakovsky said, "popashet", the "Popish poems": shift of intellectual labor to physical for nervous system is.


Physical education, movement for its benefit, as uniformly develop muscles, strengthen ligaments, skeletal system. Physically trained person is less prone to injury, which are so dangerous to the Central nervous system. Besides exercising the body "responds" "muscle joy" and the release of endorphins. This natural cure for stress, which allocates brain, has beneficial effects on the autonomic nervous system.


Want to have a healthy strong nerves? Do what brings you joy, whether it be cutting out a jigsaw, with a friend or rearranging furniture in the apartment, and to please others. This is the opinion of experts.



Influenza, SARS, any infectious disease — the first its enemies. Pathogenic microscopic commandos: viruses, bacteria — can cause intoxication of the whole organism. Toxic substances bombard the cells of the autonomic nervous system. The result of "bombing": headache, weakness, joint pain, heavy sweating. If you have an infection, rush to the aid of the nervous system — secure your perimeter. Provide yourself a complete rest, in any case do not carry disease on their feet. Otherwise, do not avoid the complications in the nervous system — vascular dystonia, arachnoiditis, and other.

Diseases of the ear, sinus, teeth

If you can not "capture" the nervous system by surprise, the infection is around. Waiting until people fundamentally launch diseases of the ear, sinus, teeth, it penetrates the blood paths to the brain membranes, causing a purulent meningitis.


A trivial pimple can cause abscess of the brain — state, life-threatening. Therefore, in order not to spread the infection, never squeeze pimples on the face, take care of the skin.

Insect bites

Bad news for the CNS of the insect world. Spring, early summer is the most active period in the life of ticks, carriers of the encephalitis virus, "aiming to" damaging the nervous system. Going into the woods, dress in order not to become easy prey of blood-sucking or in advance protect yourself through vaccination.

Head injury

The brain, like a fortress, protected on all sides by the skull, which is able to withstand even the strongest blows and bruises. And yet the nervous system does not approve, if you start to test it for strength. The vessels of the brain are quite fragile and when you shake suffer. At the site of injury disturbed blood supply, appear hemorrhage. The consequences will be dire: paralysis, mental disorders, even death.

By the way, to get a concussion, it is not necessary to break through the wall of his forehead, quite unsuccessfully, to land on the "fifth point" and badly hurting the tailbone. The strike action comes to the brain through the spine. A few years old and the time undiagnosed brain injury will make itself felt a painful headache, dizziness.

"Chase" on a Bicycle or motorcycle, like equestrian sport, Boxing, hockey, contact martial arts? Protect your head with an appropriate hat. Learn how to fall correctly and if a bruise or a bad "landing" — a reason to go to the doctor.


The blows of fate is no less dangerous and painful for the nervous system. Not all of it can withstand. The state of chronic stress becomes a cause of neurosis.

The sun

And another kinds of attacks try to avoid the sun. For a prolonged stay in the sun nervous system will have to pay long and hard, at best vascular dystonia.


The trouble of inhabitants of large cities — communicative stress caused by information overload. Basically it falls on our heads, on TV and on your nerves. Some getting used to on TV so that almost do not notice it. Meanwhile, noise, aggressive, from the point of view of videoecology, visual environment place an additional burden on the nervous system. What to do? Make it a rule to watch only those programs that really interest you. And... don't forget to turn off the TV.

Source: www.ecology.md


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