Simple guidelines: to learn how to manage their health

Based on external characteristics and peculiarities of their internal nature, we can learn to regulate their condition. ©Geshe Rinchen Tenzin

Sleep and awakening

Currently, a place to sleep settling properly. Various hernias, etc. disorders of the spine occur due to incorrect place to sleep. If sofa is used, etc., to fall asleep conveniently, however, if you long for this bed to be, there are all sorts of trouble with all sorts of consequences.

If you take any person, the upper body is heavier than the bottom, it gradually drops with prolonged supine position on the soft, blood flows towards the head, there are diseases of the spine, upper back, shoulders. If you sleep on a soft bed or couch, provided that there is no disease of the back, then in the morning the person still feels the discomfort in the back.

The worst that can happen is the synthetic materials used as fillers for mattresses (foam, for example). Many don't know that this could be the cause of the disease. If you sleep a couple of days, it's okay, but if a week, then the effect noticeable. Tibetans often make mattresses of herbs, inside is either fur or feathers, animal materials, they are simultaneously hard and soft, if you push. Natural materials are always good and sleep comfortably. The Hindus do the mattresses of coconut fibers, they are very useful, as tough, good spine, good regulate body temperature.

It is best to go to bed at 11 o'clock in the evening, and Wake up in the morning about 5 o'clock, brush teeth and wash. To clean teeth better immediately after sleep, because odors can be in your mouth and different dirt. If the person is full, and bleed when brushing your teeth, dentists are beginning to sound the alarm, but it is good actually as it helps lower part of the head and teeth, dirty blood around the teeth comes out. If you are not able teeth cleaned on time for flights, for example, and this blood does not come out, the teeth start to hurt. If this dirty blood will come out, the teeth a good. However, if the disease from the Wind, you have to be careful. Can be bleeding.

Well in the morning to do a stretch or go for a walk, or exercise any to make. It is important to Water the Earth did not rise because early morning is the time of Water-Land. If after charging sweating, it is necessary to wash. You can then have Breakfast and do the usual work. No Breakfast to go to work should not be.

Day job

The work is different, people too, are of different sizes. If the person is thin, hard physical work is better not to do morning exercises should be soft. Should not such people in the day to do work, which can be highly supercooled or overheated. Regardless of the physique of the man with the hard work of people sweating, you need to drink more fluids, because then the strength of the body gone, and they must be restored.

If you have dinner late, around two, better 11 hours bite to eat. Do you need to dine not too late, because it can coincide with the time of raising the Wind, in any case not later than three o'clock in the afternoon (lunch is necessary during the peak of Fire for good digestion about 12 hours, take the day, find the middle of it, it will be the peak of the Fire).

In summer the situation is slightly different, because it gets dark later. If the person has a mighty and strong body, it is useful to do the heavy work. If a little guy working in the office at the computer, he needs to move from time to time, to sit in one place is not useful, at least every half hour to stand up and take some action. In any case, you can't sit on a soft chair, too hard, too bad, a little soft thing. From seat soft can occur hemorrhoids and harm the lower back.

Full people don't want hypothermia, because the Water-Land they strongly manifested.

In winter it is impossible to stay indoors with the Windows closed constantly, this may lead to various respiratory diseases and tumors. During the day they in any case can not sleep, because the severity of daytime sleep disturbed digestive fire, increases Water-Earth, maybe even heat up.

Girls often wear mini skirts in the summer still anything, and in the winter bad. The clothes should be dense, if you think that only the feet are cold, it's wrong. Hypothermia can lead to varicose veins and a variety of tumors, including uterine. The legs are cooled, cooled kidneys, and with them the uterus suffers. This contributes to bad food and contraceptive medications. It is very important girls winter wear warm clothes. We must not think about fashion and how you look, and to give preference to the health. Before in such a scale of women's diseases was not, as it is now. A lot of female ailments caused due to the kidney, in which cold often comes from the feet. The strength of the bladder and of the uterus decreases, and that there is a tumor.

Now about 70% of women there are various formations in the uterus. At the University in the city of Lhasa there was a discussion about increasing women's diseases, observed at the present time. Leading experts came to the conclusion that the main cause of these diseases is the cooling of the feet and lower body.

The questions and answers.

If the Constitution of Water, Land, you have to eat how to cure Water-Earth or believing themselves to be healthy, not to pay attention to it?

Need to eat as if you increase the Ground-Water below her became smaller. Eat less sweet, more lamb and sharp.

What should be the pillow to sleep?

This is very important. If the person is full, in any case can not sleep on a high pillow for the neck can be damaged. If a man sleeps on a low pillow, then goes to high, the neck is bent. The thickness of the pillow should be slightly thicker than the thickness of the hands. It is believed that you can sleep on hand. If you just put the palm of your hand, it is not very good, especially if the person snores. It is necessary that the head was raised. There is a thin cushion that are placed just under the neck, head hangs back, air circulates freely, it helps with snoring. Snoring is due to breathing disorders. Especially if the person is full, the head is wrong, breathing is disturbed, then strong, then weak breathing.

From the book by Geshe Rinchen Tenzin "Science of health" published


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