Never say that to your man!

You can be together for a few years, but suffice it to say his favorite one of the following expressions and you may be the abyss. Don't forget that some men like children and take offense to even the slightest hint of their ego.


"You are my sunshine" These words, spoken in a fit of love, absolutely harmless. What's wrong in the presence of tender feelings to your loved one. But if you start to abuse the tenderness, get ready for surprises in your personal life. Remember: "Like a ship call, so it and will float". The same can be said about the man. Calling him a Bunny, a bear, a doll and other gentle phrases, in the end, you can get your personal rabbit — timid and indecisive. But fell in love with you, most likely, self-confident man. So leave the excessive tenderness for special occasions. "I'll do it myself" don't turn the beloved man in an irresponsible resident divan Kingdom. Yes, we know that you alone can solve all economic problems at home, to go to the supermarket for groceries, pick up kids from school and learn with them the lessons. We know that your friend, the master station will help to solve all problems with a personal car. We know that you will be able to hammer in a nail to hang a picture. But why to do it yourself? Removing from men's shoulders the burden of care and responsibility, you add them yourself. I dream to find a man reliable support? Leave this phrase for other moments of life. "What are you doing for money?" Imagine a family — a wife-a nurse and husband is a parasite. And no matter what is actually involved in the beloved man. Clock watching a sports match on TV in the company of a bottle of beer with fish. Engaged in creative activities, the results of which nobody wants. Looks after the house and children. A relationship where the woman earns significantly more men, difficult in any case. Leaving money on the table for a beer, paint or nails, the woman subconsciously feels that something is not right in this relationship. Of course, except when a wealthy lady deliberately contains a man. "Where have you been?" If a man wants to tell the woman about how he spent the day he will do it. Phrases in the style of "Where have you been?", "Did the meeting could end at 23:00?", "Why you came from a trip a day late?" the woman forced him to come up with some plausible version of the answer. Especially for you. Almost every woman is afraid of losing her lover, but establishing total control, you do not solve the problem. Try to trust your partner. If you know that he really "walks on the side", make the right conclusions. Scandals won't change anything, alas. "You don't want me to understand!" Sometimes women themselves can't understand themselves. To say nothing about men! We spend a lot of time choosing clothes, lipstick and hair. Before you make an order in a cafe, meticulously studied the menu. And all because you can't understand what we want. Therefore, ask a loved one impossible. In the end, he tired, and he goes to the wise woman. "You can't kiss, hug..." Women's accusations can refer to any expression of feelings. For example, a loved one, according to its second half, is not able to passionately embrace and kiss, to show tender feelings to his beloved... and even make love. To say the last out loud — a fatal mistake. Any humiliation men will lead to a cooling of feelings and separation. It's just a matter of time and the presence of a loved one patience. Some will leave after the first sentence, some after the tenth. If a man do something can not, teach him. Otherwise it will teach the other. "Honey, do you love me?" A man who truly loves his woman will definitely show feelings in practice. He calls, texting throughout the day, to hug and kiss when meeting, to give flowers and say compliments, to help prepare dinner. The ways in which are manifested tender feelings, a lot. Of course, not all men know how to use them, but asking every time "do You love me?", you relationship will not improve. Whatever is actually the situation, he would say "Yes!"."You can't do that!" The words "You won't be able to do it!" work more aggressively than "You don't know how to do it!". Sounds like a challenge, but rest assured, the man does not bite. And if they bite, you will always remember those hurtful words. People in relationships should support each other, inspire achievement, and not add to uncertainty in their own abilities. Over time, the man will find a woman who will praise and support him. Try in any situation to say, "You're the best!". "And what were you thinking?" Like innocent words. It is logical to ask the man what was he thinking when he left on a red light and got in an accident. Or went shopping at the supermarket, leaving my wallet at home. But in these words lies a hidden subtext — you're not able to make the right decisions, so don't even try to do it without me. Not so humiliate a loved one. "You're not a man!" Those words would kill on the spot any man Calm men miss their deaf ears, to pack a bag and leave. No matter when it happens. After the first sentence or after the tenth. Unrestrained partner will hit or will respond similarly. In any case, such words will not remain unanswered.published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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