Green smoothies: 5 healthy recipes

Specialists suburban detox Studio sharing with us the recipes for green smoothies, energizing and healthy vitamins and minerals.

To prepare a green smoothie, a blender is required a capacity of at least 3000 revolutions per minute.

Conditional measure:

  • Beam — the amount of green stem part of the beam that fits in a clenched fist, thumb in this case as for the other fingers.
  • Fresh ginger is measured in centimeters.
  • Lemon and lime use whole, without peel and seeds.

Superfoods are added optionally. They will add to the cocktail of nutritional value.

Given proportions makes one serving. Beat cocktails you need 2-3 minutes (depends on the density of fiber).

Cleansing:— half bunch of parsley,

— handful of spinach

— 1/6 of a bundle of tarragon

half artichoke,

— 1 inch of ginger,

— 1 glass of mineral water without gas,

— 1 tablespoon Maca root.


Energy №1:

— 3 handfuls of spinach,

— 4-5 leaves beet tops,

— a quarter of a bunch of Basil,

— half a bunch of Romaine lettuce (oakleaf, or any other, except arugula),

— a quarter of lemon,

— 1 tablespoon of powder wetgrass,

— 1 glass of mineral water.

Summer:— ½ bunch parsley,

— 4-5 stalks of nettles,

— a quarter of a bundle of carrot tops,

— handful of spinach

— 1 Cup of water.


Energy number 2:— 2 handfuls of spinach,

— ½ bunch parsley,

— 1-2 stalks of celery,

— 1 cucumber peeled,

— a quarter of the beam, the tops of turnips (you can substitute greens of radishes, beets, carrots, or any other),

— 1 tablespoon of powder wetgrass.


Spring: a handful of spinach,

— bundle any young tops,

— a handful of hatched 0.8–1.5 cm kidney coniferous tree (spruce, pine),

— half a lemon,

— 2 cm of ginger.


The more diverse the composition of the drink according to grade in the green, the healthier and more nutritious it will be. Spring, summer and autumn it is preferable to buy local greens or collect it in a clean checked. In winter it is possible to use the herbs, bought in good shop where you are sure.

Also for the diversity of tastes in green smoothies, you can add fruit, but they should not be combined with vegetables.

Between food intake and green cocktail is necessary to sustain the span of 30-40 minutes.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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