These smoothies cleanse the body and rejuvenate the skin

Have you ever ever to use grandmother's recipes and cleanse the body with infusions of various herbs? No? Then right now you can start to do it. If you are not used to visit beauty salons, this would be it for you, because to cleanse the body right at home, enjoying a green cleansing smoothie.

It does not require a lot of effort – just take your favorite vegetables and fruits and several bunches of parsley and dill. Follow our recipes and let your health day will be truly healthy!

The fast diet: cocktails, cleansing the body.

In order for your body get rid of toxins, it needs to be cleaned, and to do this best in summer or early autumn. You do not need to go on a strict diet and eat a day on a lettuce leaf! All you need is to drink a cleansing vitamin cocktails! People who have tried this method say that modern society has simply forgotten the simple rules of healthy eating, according to which, all we need we can find in nature all around us.

In the fight for the beauty and health of our main assistants in addition to vegetables and fruits will be clean water and a blender. Found everything you need? Then go to the cottage, the garden, the forest for useful herbs and berries! Mint, thyme, oregano, currants... the list is endless!

You will be surprised, but raw foodists say that the best are nettle, dandelion and goutweed. Very best way to lose weight, isn't it? You don't need to spend huge amounts of money on diet pills, just go outside – there's all you need! To remove toxins and toxins that simple!

If you suffer from excess weight or can't lose weight, so your body has settled toxins. This must be addressed, and that products are not subjected to heat treatment, will help you! They are a vast number of nutrients and vitamins. In unprepared plants, they are in a form that is most easily absorbed by the body. In addition, a person who eats a lot of greens, additionally enriches the body with oxygen.

All the excess out.

If you want to cleanse your body, the more often you will be advised to clean the intestines. Toxins in huge quantity get into the digestive system, and if the conclusion they have problems, they stay and destroy the defense system from inside. In raw vegetables, fruits and greens contain a lot of fiber, it removes from the body all that prevents him from functioning normally.

The cellulose fibers are intertwined in such a way that creates a kind of sponge, which absorbs toxins. In addition, the fiber slides through the intestines much faster than rough processed foods that can accelerate the release of harmful substances from the body. Weight reduction is just one positive satellites of the raw food diet. Fatigue disappear, the skin becomes fresher and younger.

Another compelling fact about fiber. When it hits the stomach, it swells and thus increases in size. This means that the feeling of satiety you will experience much longer. The average person needs to consume per day in about 30-35 grams of fiber, but many people consume 5-10 grams.

That usually eats people? Small salad, a pear or an Apple, that's all. But only one glass of green cocktail daily will put as much fiber in the body as needed. The sheet is green, part of green smoothie, greener and darker the better. This means that in a lot of greens of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll molecules function and structure similar to the hemoglobin molecule. The difference is that in the center of the hemoglobin molecule is iron, and in the center of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesium. Therefore, the chlorophyll affects the blood as well as hemoglobin, that is, accelerates nitrogen metabolism and increases oxygen levels. Thanks to the green smoothie every morning for two weeks you can get rid of two pounds given that the diet does not change.


Why the green smoothie is well absorbed? Because it is much easier to drink than to chew your greens in a salad. From fruits and greens, chopped in a blender, destroys cell wall so the nutrients are absorbed very quickly. Can you think of a cocktail to your taste with your favorite fruits and greens, while changing the composition and concentration.

The rules of cooking

This cleanse and diet should cook from 40% greens and 60% fruit. This ratio you will have in your mouth taste of greens. Use greens with dark leaves, Romaine lettuce, parsley, sorrel, spinach, lettuce, oak, mint. From suitable weeds chickweed, goutweed, clover, nettle, dandelion, plantain. Wild greens should be soaked in water, but not scalded. Herbs in cocktails should be alternated.

Fruit will suit absolutely any – kiwi, apples, oranges and others. Drinks can be diluted with water in any proportion. Want thicker – add? or? water. If you want a more liquid drink – enough for one or two glasses of water. Make the cocktail you have 20 minutes before the morning meal.

Recipes for green smoothies for weight loss

Rocket fuel

  • • a few glasses of red or green seedless grapes
  • • 3 kiwi
  • • 1 peeled orange
  • • 1 aloe Vera leaf
  • • 5 leaves of red lettuce
  • • 2 cups water
Mix in a blender.


Cocktail with calcium

  • • 2 tomatoes
  • • a bunch of leaves of dandelions
  • • salt water wishes

Fruit cocktail

  • • lettuce (beam)
  • • 2 slices of watermelon without seeds and rind


  • • a bunch of leaves of salad
  • • 1 Cup red seedless grapes
  • • 1 orange
  • • 1 banana
  • • 1 Cup water

Super green smoothie

  • • bunch of spinach
  • • 1 cucumber
  • • 2-3 stalks of celery
  • • bunch fresh cilantro
  • • 1 Cup water
  • • salt as desired

Supertelly cocktail

  • • 1 mango
  • • 1 pear
  • • a bundle of edible weeds (quinoa, nettle, plantain)

This cocktail will help you lose weight and take care of colon health

This drink is an excellent remedy to improve metabolism and not only


Green smoothie of watercress

  • • 100 grams of cress
  • • 1 banana
  • • 1 Cup water

Cocktail with dandelion greens and spinach

  • • 100 grams of spinach and
  • • 100 grams of leaves of dandelions
  • • 3 bananas fresh
  • • 2 cups water

Bon appetit! Cook with love!





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