Chronic illness in Your home

According to Feng Shui, your home — living, and therefore can be either healthy or sick.To diagnose your own home is quite simple.

Master of Feng Shui, which are taught to treat every house as a living organism, explain: each house has vital organs and systems, just like humans. The house door is his mouth, hall — the bronchi and lungs, water — circulatory system, wiring — the nervous.

The center of the house (not always geographical, but the family always mounted) is the heart, the kitchen is the stomach, drain the intestines, the corridors and passages are the veins and arteries, floors, walls and ceilings — skin.

And now look around

You have old, leaky plumbing? So, your home constant bleeding wounds. Clogged sink? Tromboflebita.

Cobwebs in the corners? Clogged pores of the skin. A jumble of furniture in the hallway? A mess of shoes and hats? But my dear! This is the pneumonia!

Cluttered balconies, dim, blinking lights, room, chock full of functional furniture, the cracked frames, poorly-fitting doors, things that you do not use more than three years — is all blood clots, ulcers, wounds and inflammation that afflict your home.

And though we treated him! So no. Multiply and multiply his suffering, winding hastily tape breakage by purchasing a regular table or a shelf, bringing home mountains of unnecessary Souvenirs, storing junk in the attic, which you will not wear, and throw a pity.

And therapy, and urgent, large-scale and daily — looks like this:

  • to rid the home from leaks and drafts, which literally blown out of the house or follows positive life energy;
  • throw away or give to the needy without exception, all of the things that you do not use more than three years.
Examining the housing rubble and freed from the unnecessary, you first get out on the balcony. Take the time to make the balcony is not a warehouse of junk, and the place of rest. Now get to apartment. The hand will not rise to stand on a balcony that is not necessary in the house. Only in a landfill.

Each discarded thing, according to masters of Feng Shui is an extra problem, which you did.

Keep the door to the bathroom and on the toilet lid was always closed — it is through these holes assistive your meaningful life.

Keep your entry hall spacious, empty, and most lit — your home should be attractive to positive energy, knocking at your door.

Take out the garbage every day.

Clear all the horizontal surfaces of the house from cluttering up things, small things, papers, pencils, pens and other rubbish, which, like the sticks of viruses, poisons every day, the body of your home. Dear to the heart trinkets put on a separate shelf, organize the lighting.

And don't forget about prevention. Easier to protect the house from disease, than hard and difficult to treat. published

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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