4 status of women.Desperately need article!

About the most important female skill that many lay on the shelves. I guarantee, after reading it, you climb to a higher level in the understanding of men and [not least] myself.

“I inspire him, and he wipes feet on me”

“I only want to have sex”

“My man doesn't care about me, does not give gifts, flowers...”

“I used to be one”

“The man didn't appreciate me”

Any of the statements above are close to you?

Now you all will become clear.

Let's start.

The ideal woman is Queen in a society hostess in the kitchen, whore in bed © the Internet.

These quotes certainly walk on the Internet. It's funny, but in themselves they are Mature thoughts. Most importantly, the desire to behold.

What is it?

About women's conditions.

In every woman there are four status. And even if you only use one, this does not mean that the other three do not exist.

Start with the first state, which is now increasingly gaining momentum among women. This state of the Queen.

Independent, self-sufficient, well-groomed, independent, confident, proud.

Career, business, realisation in society. To ask for help? You! Knows how to behave in society, looking at her with admiration. Smart, straightforward.

In a woman dominated by the energy received. That is: I'm cool, waiting for the man in me to invest (to win, to care, etc.).

The second as “popular” among women was the hostess. It is the mother energy. The energy of giving. Very well, it is manifested in the time of the birth of the child.

A woman cooks, cleans, knows how to listen. It is very quiet, comfortable.

The third is the girl's condition. The energy received. Cheerful, weak.Getting what he wants, just because she wants to (unlike Queen, who herself is seeking). To be always someone will come to help, protect, to take care of. The eternal dreamer.

Fourth — as a mistress. Giving, passionate, uninhibited, sexuality. With sex woman giving a man a powerful energy, filling it with power.

Easily attracts men.

Now, let's get to the main point. The imbalance of energies...

1. What happens if the woman is more developed status of the Queen?

Not once wrote about a similar case. Loneliness, one woman-the Queen does not like the cold inside. Believes that most men are weak and unworthy.

2. If the status of the mistress prevails, what then?

The woman is very caring. The man with that very convenient. Turns into “wiping their feet” on a woman. And the mistress of men do not admire. I admire the girl, mistress, Queen.

And care want too, absolutely not the owner.

3. The predominance of state girls
On the one hand man is very pleasant to be needed. To help her. To please this girl. Be inspired by the exploits. But if it happens constantly, then that could be annoying. Since the woman is only in the energy of receiving.

4. Skewed towards the status of a mistress

This women from the category of “Men only want sex!”

Yes, it would. Yes it conquered (up to a point). But to spend my life with men the desire not to burn. To keep a man, a woman does not work.

What should I do?

True femininity is the ability to control these four States. To balance the four States. Two of them are energy receiving and two energy giving.

When the hungry man came home from work, he is interested in only one thing. He wants to eat. And here we must include the status of the hostess. Feed him (preferably tasty).

When the man hammered the nail or brought home a salary — it makes sense to include the girl's condition that is this good is able to admire his hunter.

Mistress may attract interest, but not be able to keep without the other three States.

The state Queen is a feeling of self — sufficiency, love yourself and your body (love for others begins with love for yourself). Beauty salons, beautiful dresses, Hobbies, self-development.

The man does not appreciate you? Include the status of the Queen. Take care of yourself, your beauty, your body, your hobby. But not as revenge or resentment. And see what happens.


There are four status women

1. Queen (energy received)
2. The hostess (giving)
3. Girl (receiving)
4. Mistress (giving)

Most women have a bias in one or more States. Or rush from one state to another (in different periods of life). Then what does it do? Not for me to tell.

The key to true femininity is a balance of all four States. To be flexible and switch depending on situation. And these conditions are readily amenable to development.

I wish to love yourself and be loved? To be happy and to give happiness to people around? Want your man (present or will soon meet) has been successful, loyal, strong, etc.? Great. Only that I gave the answer. published

Author: Yaroslav Samoylov

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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