7 reasons why it so difficult to break a relationship that have no future

Sometimes ending relationships can be very difficult. More complicated than in any other situations. You know that it's time to put an end, but can't bring myself to do it. Why is this happening?

1. Love is subjective,Love is like art — there are no right or wrong answers. Components of love, too abstract: thoughts, feelings, spoken words.

So how do you know that the time has come to part? When you love someone badly, emotions can work against you. You need to understand that it is not only your strong love for someone, the fact that you love yourself more. And terminate relationships need to hurry, before it's too late.

2. You can not imagine life without this personWhen you are together for a long time, doing almost everything together, it's hard to imagine life without this person. As you will Wake up in the morning and not see your dear face? It is impossible to imagine even in a nightmare. What would life alone?

To continue your journey, you need to get rid of the fear of loneliness.

3. You constantly doubt the decisionThat you had an argument, he left. Do you think that it was the end. But then he shows up with flowers and a cake. He says how much he loves, and promises that things will be different. This situation has already been more than once, and you start to get used to it. “He'll change. All will be well.”

No matter what will tell you the reason, the hope that everything will be fine, cover all reasonable arguments.

4. You don't want regretsIf you decide to end the relationship, to change lives for the better, we need to be sure that you will not regret on the decision made. Worse to sit and think: “what if?” After all, you will never be able to know that would have happened if... So you should invest all your efforts in your relationship last time.

5. You've done too much for that relationshipYou are struggling for the sake of your relationship. You are trying for a long time, but I understand that nothing comes out. It is especially difficult when trying one, but the second just continues to live as he lived. This is another sign that it's time to leave.

6. You need certaintyof Your emotions and thoughts can hold you to outdated ways. A specific definition of black and white will put everything in place. If your ideas about the future, respect, communication and all the rest disagree, then it's time of parting.

7. You will not have way backWhen you end a bad relationship, which literally trampled you under him, stole the soul, heart, joy, the way back does not happen. If you left, it's the end. Yes, it is terrible. But, in the end, you will gradually get lost, and even with the appendage.

People get lost in relationships. Always have to find a compromise, to get used to each other, and everyone used to know you as a couple, not two individuals. And now you have the opportunity to know ourselves as individuality, to re-build their lives. It is a great happiness.

You will be able to understand who you are, what you want and how you will live further. Remember that you are strong and can overcome the loss.

Yes, it is difficult to leave, but the result will be worth all your efforts.


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