Some burpees: how the fitness test was superorganism

Some burpees — this exercise for the whole body, which is used for strength training and as aerobic exercise. Where did the name, and who was its "discoverer"? And why, what was intended for good, for many turned into a hellish punishment?

This exercise in 1930 in developed by American physiologist Royal Alston some burpees, after which it actually gets its name. And in that moment, no one even could not imagine that almost a century some burpees turn into a kind of cult phenomena of fitness.

An exercise to assess the suitability of

R. N. Some burpees received a doctorate in applied physiology from Columbia University in 1940. In his doctoral thesis he examined some burpees as a quick and easy way to assess fitness. Especially popular this exercise has become when the United States entered the Second world war — in the U.S. armed forces, it began to be used to determine the physical fitness of recruits.


Based on a series of exercises that are performed consecutively at a fast pace, this test determined the dexterity, coordination and strength. Interestingly, the original invention of the Royal some burpees was much more sparing: he offered to perform a set of specified high-intensity movements, four times in a row.


Original form some burpees

A little light on the history of the origin of this popular exercise shed granddaughter of Royal Nailstone some burpees — Cheryl some burpees-Duginski. She explained that her grandfather was a real "fan of fitness." At a time when the science of training was limited only to the definition of physical fitness is already well-trained people, some burpees looking for a simple way to train everyone to improve their fitness level.


Initially, the technique of performing some burpees were pretty simple:


— starting position — squat, both hands on the floor in front of you;
— without taking your hands off the floor, do a jump back, straightening the body and taking the position of the strap;
— then take a leap in the opposite direction, taking the original position;
— stand.

Some burpees granddaughter said her grandfather for the statistics were measured in test pulse (test provided repetition 4 exercises), and then, according to the data obtained amounted to an equation that accurately assessed the work of the heart — an indicator of overall fitness.


Military modification some burpees

In 1942, during the Second world war, the American military began to use this exercise in its fitness test for men who were accepted for service in the armed forces. The soldiers had to carry him for 20 seconds. Since 1946, the military began to require you to perform some burpees for one minute: if the soldiers for a minute managed to make 41 the repetition, it was considered an excellent result; 27 and less very bad.


Myself some burpees were opposed to exercise performed in such large quantities and with such high intensity. Some burpees-Glowinski said that in the Preface to his book her grandfather had said that the military option is the fitness test would be only for those who already have good physical preparation. In addition, he believed that excessive performing some burpees may cause problems with your back and knees. The Creator did not want his 4-step exercise turned into a torture.


As some burpees dough turned into punishment

Today we know some burpees as the exercise involving 5 successive movements in a quick pace. That is, one repetition forces the athlete to take 5 various provisions in the shortest period of time.


Although the standards for this exercise are different depending on the gym and trainer (plus there are many versions), we present the most common form of execution:


1. Take a squat position, hands position in front of him with palms on the floor.

2. Leaning on your arms, you jump feet back, straightening the body and taking the position of the strap.

3. Do one pushup, the chest should touch the floor.

4. Jump back into squat position, bending the arms and legs.

5. With max force you jump up.

When you do around 100 repetitions of this exercise in a row, you know what a suffering and self-torture. It is not surprising that American show Spartan Races uses some burpees as punishment: participants were required to do 30 repetitions in a row, if they do not perform the task or overcome the obstacle.

That was the history of some burpees, which many perceive as a hell of a load. But, nevertheless, it remains one of the best exercises to train the entire body. published


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