The rules of life by George Bernard Shaw

1. The world consists of idlers who want to have money without working, and fools who are willing to work, not rich.

2. Dance is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

3. Hatred is the coward's revenge for experienced fear in them.

4. We have no right to consume happiness without producing it.

5. An ideal husband is a man who believes that he has the perfect wife.

6. To be able to endure loneliness and enjoy it is a great gift.

7. Sincere to be not dangerous, especially if you are stupid on top.

8. Sometimes you have to make people laugh, to distract them from the intention to hang you.

9. The greatest sin against one's neighbor — not hatred, but indifference; that is truly the pinnacle of inhumanity.

10. Women somehow just guess with whom we are ready to change. Sometimes even before it comes into our head.

11. There is no woman that managed to say "goodbye" in less than thirty words.

12. Easier to live with passionate woman than with a boring. However, they are sometimes stifled, but rarely throw.

13. Alcohol is the anesthesia that allows you to undergo a surgery called life.

14. The sense of an objective perception of reality people, they do not have, often called cynicism.

15. He who can, does, who cannot — teaches others.

16. Try to get what you love, otherwise you'll have to love what they got.

17. Aging boring, but it is the only way to live a long time.

18. The only lesson that can be learned from history is that people do not learn from the history lesson.

19. The newspaper is printed on, not seeing the difference between falling from a bike and the collapse of civilization.

20. Democracy is a balloon that hangs over the heads and makes staring upward, while other people fumble in your pockets.

21. If you have an Apple and I have an Apple and if we exchange these apples then you and I have one Apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.

22. Common sense and hard work will compensate for you lack talent, then how can you be brilliant of the brilliant, but out of stupidity ruin your life.

23. Titles invented for those whose service to the country is indisputable, but the people of this country are unknown.

24. Man is like a brick: burning, it hardens.

25. Reputation is a mask which has to be worn just as pants or jacket.

26. The man who believes in nothing, afraid of everything.

27. Nature abhors a vacuum: where people do not know the truth, they fill the gaps with speculation.

28. A reasonable man adapts to the world; the unreasonable tries to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, the progress always depends on the unreasonable.

29. Rich people who have no beliefs are more dangerous in modern society than poor women who have no morals.

30. Now that we have learned to fly the air like birds, swim under water like fish, we lack only one thing: to learn to live on earth as humans.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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