A relationship is like a chewing gum: dispose of this useless load of crap!

You are in the relationship. For this principle, no matter what. Sex without commitment, with serious intentions, some relationships with a touch of love...

In fact, any close contact with another person is a relationship. Even the one with no obligations. The absence of mutual commitments is not a lack of respect, not lack of tact, not a lack of attention to the needs of another person.

Any relationship between people based on the fact that you recognize your interests and acknowledges the interests of another.

If you stick to only meet their needs, it will be the most severe paddle up to abuse. If you stop to reckon with their interests, and you'll worry only about making the other feel comfortable, you will become a victim. There's all kinds of dependent relationships. And "just sex" – the shortest way to them.

A healthy relationship in any format suggest that the interests of both parties are met.

If you feel the need for attention, but don't get it, or agree on acceptable terms, or are looking for a person who can without strain for him that his need to satisfy.

If you again going to ignore the fact that your needs in the relationship are not being met, you become a dependent personality. A vague or clear sense of dissatisfaction, if not to drown his reason, will not let you make a mistake in that something was wrong.

If you start to wait, if you are mentally attached to those who have to resolve your inner tension, go away.

You feel it all the time – started communication, similar to chewing gum. If you are on one end of a stretched rubber, and other end – object of dreams or desires.

Wouldn't hurt so much if you played tension-compression. At a certain stage of life it is even sometimes fun. But if you feel that the other plays, and you have this sticky stuff hold no longer in the hands, and stuck to his heart (or another heart, which is in the pelvic organs), finish.

Let go of your end. Or take the one that holds the other. Throw damn tasteless, useless drag.

... You write one message after another. And in response – silence. Or response to the fifth message, but then again – silence.

... You call, and he drops the call. Two hours later is also reset. The day resets. Two just not responding.

... Are you waiting for a marriage proposal. He promised. But then fell silent without explanation. Not to reach, not to negotiate.

... You feel that it is not true. There are facts, but he avoids direct conversation. Crawl and gets out.

And still many situations in which you feel began the painful toffee...

Finish it. Turn on will and endurance, and finish. Perhaps if you had already become attached, you get hurt. But if you stay, then the pain will increase significantly. If you need help or support, go to a specialist.

This does not mean that we should write angry posts: "Creep, I'm leaving." Myself decide what you need, what you want from a relationship. At least, you need to your needs clarity of information was considered. That's about it and you can tell.

Of course, here we are not talking about having to wait for the man from the war or from the expedition. Here is a speech that is available in every sense of the man (there is a connection, the strength in the fingers to click the buttons on the phone) suddenly becomes unavailable.

He's probably a lot and working hard, and normally if not answered within ten minutes and a couple of hours to your message. But if the message remains unanswered for days, not hours, so not very desirable.

If you start coming up with excuses for him, you know that you have already stuck the dirty gum to your heart. If you are starting to look for a decent explanation for his silence, then you hold the second end of the elastic. Each of us deep down know that we will always find a few words from someone who we really care about.

May be a couple of nuances...

For example, he is depressed. Not in this here intelligent off-season Blues, but real depression that the disease. No your action or inaction not going to change anything. Depression is not speculative, but quite real signs: sleep, weight, food, anxiety, depression, headaches, muscle pain etc. You can only advise of the doctor, maybe, to insist on the visit. But the choice is always with the man himself.

Or in a relationship came the recession. This is normal. Relationships have cycles: much, many, close, barely, little, far. You may not match in phases with the partner. He moves away, don't you agree. Again he moves away, you start to catch up, to get, to dig out of the hole. This is also similar to rubber stretching. He goes and pulls you over. Release the end and stop. Do not stay in life, stay in the race.

If you start someone or something to wait for, leave your expectations. Go back to your inner house to myself.

It always helps in the normalization of relations. published


Author: Lilia Ahremchik


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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