4 tips how to get rid of all the excess and get from life more fun

We will tell You about several ways to make life easier and more productive. Here are 4 helpful tips that can be useful to many on how to get rid of all the excess and get from life more fun.

1. Get rid of unnecessary things

Take a break for a while from reading to go to the garage or pantry. Reconsider which things there. When was the last time you used them?

Everyone is subject to fear of loss. The term use behavioral economists and psychologists. The loss aversion means that people prefer to avoid losses than to make profit. Many studies confirm that the psychological impact of losses is twice as powerful than the successes.

Consider a simple example.

On New year You make yourself a gift – buy an expensive machine to do it three times a week. A year has passed. You are going to move to a new apartment and packing. Should I take a simulator that not enough was used most of the time collecting dust in the basement?

The results show that, most likely, You'll take the trainer with you because they do not want to bear the thought of wasted money on buying it.

Instead it would be better to give it to someone?


2. Reduce your plans for the day

Be crazy daily plans for the implementation of the urgent tasks is a hallmark of the modern lifestyle. We often repeat: "I'm too busy." And every time uttering the phrase, we experience some kind of unhealthy effect of serotonin – "hormone of good mood". Because of his employment, we often refuse to help people in need, or something that we'd really love to do. It's so easy to say or think: "I don't have time for this".

"Pay more attention to the productivity of the work, not the quantity."

Timothy Ferriss


Below are some tips that will help to relieve Your busy schedule.

  • Cut down your work day.

  • Work at home, when possible.

  • Do not view too often, e-mail and the media (and never do this in the morning!).

  • Focus only on the most important matters.

  • Use outsourcing (the hiring of an independent contractor), when possible.

  • Learn sometimes to say "no".

  • Unplug from time to time, a computer and a phone.

  • Job change.

Instead of straining at the job You hate, do better likes.


3. Shorten the list of your goals

Many of You probably in the beginning of each year make up a long list of goals. However, by February most have already forgets or sets aside 90% of what planned to do.

Instead of thinking about drawing up a plan for the year, think better of themselves – their self-improvement.

For example, "until the end of the year I will be able to learn fun to play the guitar." Imagining this picture, You will be distracted from making a list, and it will greatly reduced.

Of course, it is useful to make a list of the most important goals for the near future, but it should not be more than two or three paragraphs.

Take a new look at planning your life.


4. Try less to perform multiple tasks simultaneously

The idea of multitasking is more of a myth. Recent studies in neuroscience prove that the brain is not capable of solving multiple tasks simultaneously, as previously thought. Actually he can just quickly switch from one task to another.

Here are some important points:

  • To perform tasks can take less time if you do them one after the other. If you are performing multiple tasks at the same time takes more time.

  • When You solve just one problem, You assume fewer bugs than when switching from one task to another.

  • If concurrent tasks are quite complex, the number of errors and spent for the solution time increases.

  • Switching from one task to another takes about 1/10 of a second, but if during the day You do a lot of switching, productivity may decline by 40%.

  • When switching tasks involve multiple areas of the brain. By scanning it was found that when working in a multivalued mode is active in four areas of the brain.

  • The prefrontal cortex is involved in switching and concentration of attention, specifying what tasks to do and when. The posterior parietal share of control over each task. Anterior cingulate cortex monitors the errors. Premotor cortex provides training to switch.

Multitasking will not take too long to increase the productivity of your work. So focus on the one most important task.

Do not try to do everything at once.



Nowadays, many people believe that the more, the better. In fact, real wealth is small. If everyone lived by the principle "the more, the better," Gandhi and Mother Teresa would have never been symbols of wisdom of our age. And if this principle is correct, why have so many wealthy celebrities often fall into a deep depression and even commit suicide?

If You want to be achieved and productive, will change your view on life values, because they are much easier than You think.

If You've read this article till the end, then raised issue appeared for You is important. published


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