Tribal essence that lives in each of us

To be honest, I'm tired of calls to various trainings and studies on finding yourself, female power, female essence, back to basics, and so on and so forth.

Understand. Love is sorely lacking. Forces to draw of nowhere, energy is very low. Harmful food and disgusting environment of optimism and joy for the body is not added.

And man he the body, how could we not resist against this term. But the difference between us from other more simple organisms – the existence of the soul, which suffers, seeks, yearns for harmony, joy and light.

So for me spring is a time of lowered energy. The day before my birthday my body especially breaks. To support himself, he began to look for places where you can feed on the energy in the full sense to take it from space.

The son, learning that I went to the round dance, advised to go to Lisa toporkovo (chief of dance in Novosibirsk), they say, I just love it. On Thursday, the first time I visited her classroom.

Now only about me and my personal feelings. To be scientific does not expect. I write only what I managed to understand and feel.

Returning to his true.

I sang mom. She is now 91, and she's there, he starts to hum something under his breath.

At our family gatherings was made to sing. And not just singing. And has always been polyphony. Each had their own party. Songs knew hundreds. I still excerpts of many of them from time to time pop up in my head. Sang for several hours. If walking in the summer, it would sit up a song until the morning.

Sang I? With adults there. Children are not accepted to sit at the table. We were sent to run around. And said, “go, run!” Me and my older brothers.

In school choir I was a soloist in the Institute too. True, the songs were different.

Who sang the family, I more never heard.

Danced a lot, too. But it was often danceable, provocative dancing. The accordion and couplets.

And there I was in class with Lisa. We were given a speech and said that we will learn these songs and then for them to be built in pieces. That is, there will be more movement. Yes, the class was asked to come in a long skirt. To long women's clothes I have a special relationship. I love her, but, alas, this is not an outfit for city and business woman.

I'm sure the long skirt adds woman power.

As my son said when he was working in India. “The most beautiful outfits for Indian women. Closed all, but they look like a goddess, there is a mystery and mystery. And sexuality. Which is not vulgar, and the one that causes men the rapture.”

I think that Russian long skirts, tunics, blouses with lanterns is a very beautiful clothes. Very feminine and at the same time protecting women from excessive and unnecessary views. It also has mystery and fascination.

Skirt I of course took. On Thursday, we learned four songs. Singing the words and then sang them in motion. That is danced. For me dance is led in unison and sing in unison, too.

In short, this single journey is born a special energy, a special atmosphere. I would say that there are angels fly. Because it is a pleasure to them, as they would say in the old days. Because our soul finally finds freedom and lives freely. And we will, it is the soul movement feel. And let it guide us.

Song – the ancestral essence that lives in each of us. Someone more, someone less. I am the essence felt to the full, because the parent of song just began to wash over me with its energy, its power and its authenticity.

Don't know how else you can call it a state when you only have a look, there are shell of your real self, your soul, is already out with you, she acts, she makes at least temporarily silence your mind. And you forget how you look right now, I don't think you got traffic or not, you just go with the soul.

Although in the dance, which is very important, the origin of this power, to merge the souls of those who are now in the circle. That is, our souls become part of the information field, which said a lot, but his power can be felt either in the General meditation or dance, which, incidentally, is also a form of meditation.

On one of the songs I couldn't hold back the tears. The reason I didn't listen, because the soul suddenly began to yearn, to pity me, directly addressed to the future. If we had been longer in this song and in these movements, I think that I would cry to the fullest. To full of catharsis and purification.

Two hours went by very quickly. And at night I sang in my sleep. The very songs I remembered. They're deistvitelino remembered. Because I forgot them, but no soul.

You can, of course, there's a lot to say about the esoteric, about the things we can't explain it. And the more I practice the psychologist, where everything can be analyzed and checked methodically, I will begin to discuss this topic.

The main thing I understood and felt.

I have a soul that lives on her well-known laws. And if you let it, it leads you. Yes, the one that has forgotten how to sing. And to believe that one person can change the world.

One can not, but if all sing an old, old song and then go to the dance, then this place surely the sun will Shine brighter and happy people will be more. And even those who see the dance for the first time, will freeze and will listen. Because his soul is too rush for everyone. There are no bad people, there are those who have not awakened the soul.

And therefore began to disappear around them, and so seldom do we hear songs that you know about all of us. Oh, mother, if you could see these dances. You would be happy. You 91, and I'm only just learning to understand your songs...posted

Author: Natalia Berasia

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