Singing people live longer. And - better

Singing is often we associate with happiness and cheerful mood. But here in full voice singing it is usually only a few of us. Others also something stops. Someone shy of his voice, someone confuses the absence of hearing, and someone simply too pinched and can not give in to the urge to sing along in full voice favorite artists. Scientists have shown that people, you are wrong

! And right just those who heartily bawl in the soul and sings with abandon radio in the car, spit on all the arguments "against", who do not bother and go through life with a song, though not always clearly getting into the music. The usefulness of singing to health and quality of life, scientists are actively and successfully proven over the past years. Apparently, they do not break off after working in karaoke. Well, thanks to them the benefits of singing are now rests on a solid scientific basis.

Website has collected 10 scientifically proven facts, we see that we must sing every free minute. And to start is right now.

Singing acts like a bar of chocolate. It promotes the production of endorphins - the official "happiness hormone". And no calories The second hormone produced in the human body during the execution of "greatest hits" -. This oxytocin. It is responsible for the suppression of stress. Famous that reduces anxiety, helps to get out of depression and even struggling with a sense of loneliness. Singing improves heart rate, reducing the risk of heart disease. This property makes it a good investment in your future health. Even if now the notion of "heart" more associated you with pictures on the "Valentine", save in his old age on tablets and will be adequately perform lullabies grandchildren. Special attention wishing to have a nice tummy without having to visit the gym. Proper singing - it's good exercise abdominal muscles and the diaphragm If you will be singing, imitating the movement on stage -. It will generally be aerobatics. Do you think it's stupid - sing in the comb or ladle, admiring her reflection in the mirror of the hall? And here and there! This is - an effective way to deal with the stiffness. Such singing strongly liberates your movements, making you and life more relaxed, confident Songs -. Daily exercise for the lungs. You begin to breathe properly, deeply and evenly. As a consequence of proper breathing, at night, instead of the tincture of a peony and the TV before three in the morning, you will find a strong, healthy sleep. Singing strengthens the immune system. The concentration of immunoglobulin A (chief of immunity) increased by singing, British scientists have proved. So, buying oranges and Vitaminka, do not forget to grab the album of your favorite band. Singing develops the brain! Yes, if you want to pump your memory and ability to concentrate - it's a great way to If you're singing not one, but a duet or chorus -. Do not be surprised if you suddenly feel more confident and secure . That's what affects people singing in the group.

Based on the book:
Stacy Horn "Imperfect Harmony: How to find happiness in singing the chorus»

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