New facts about a healthy lifestyle and longevity

The traditional idea that people live longer, remain optimistic and calm, to the best of running, were incorrect. Unusual findings are presented in a new study.

The data relied on by scientists from the University of California at Riverside, began to collect the famous psychologist Lewis Terman of Stanford University. He and his colleagues followed the lives of a thousand children since 1921: described the history of the family relationships in it, fixed evaluation of teachers and parents, recorded information on hobbies and pets, level of education, military service, career and a lot of other details.

Friedman and Martin began working on The Longevity Project in 1991. At first they planned to spend on the comparison of results and identification of patterns for about six months, but the investigation dragged on for two decades and has attracted about one hundred undergraduate and graduate students.

Key findings of scientists:
  • the marriage can be good for health of men, but in women is not reflected;
  • longer than any other men live those that consist of long-term marriages (live up to 70 years a);
  • less than one third of divorced men live to 70 years;
  • men never to marry, live longer than those who repeatedly went to the altar, and for much longer divorced ;
  • to women divorce is not so fatal: those that divorced and have remained alone, live almost as much and women in long-term marriage;
  • Offer not work Depreciation does not prolong life constantly working people of both sexes live longer than their more "relaxed" citizens;
  • Starting School Early (up to 6 years) - a risk factor for early death;
  • baby needs time to play and communicate with their classmates;
  • pets do not affect life expectancy, although they may temporarily feel better, as they are not suitable as a substitute for a friend;
  • participants armed action live on less, but the reason for that is not the psychological stress, and follow not health-promoting behaviors;
  • people regained its sense of security in the world, as a rule, return and health;
  • feeling of love and care from others makes you feel good, but does not affect the life expectancy;
  • the most obvious positive effects on health are involved in social relations, help others;
  • in most cases healthy / unhealthy way of life determines its environment.



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