Longevity - Myth or Reality?

And again. Longevity - Myth or Reality? And what to do?

As we already know (and who does not know can learn about it in lectures Ostramysla or flipped Vedas), the Slavs there was a cycle called the "Circle of Life." This duration of the cycle in the summer of 144. This period is considered to be the minimum life expectancy. Note that this minimum lifespan of at least 1 person must live round. In the annals there is evidence that people can live for a few laps life and died on their own, when they realized that realized its purpose and duty to fulfill Rod.

In this article I will talk about longevity. I will try to prove that longevity - is not a myth. I will cause the expression of known (in the narrow and broad circles) and human sources, as well as being known facts, which are directly or indirectly confirm the possibility of longevity, inherent by nature in the human body.
Academician Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

Let's start with Pavlov. Everyone knows Pavlova as the discoverer of the concept of "Reflex", which he discovered in the course of the study dogs. Here is what Wikipedia says about him:
"Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (14, (26) in September 1849, Ryazan - February 27, 1936, Leningrad) - scientist, psychologist, founder of the science of higher nervous activity and understanding of the processes of digestion regulation; the founder of Russia's largest physiological school; Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1904 "on the digestive physiology for his work» »

I think that all these jewels just say that Academician Pavlov deserves the trust of our readers. He said at the time: "The death of up to 150 years old should be considered violent." Pavlov was unaware of Krugolete Chisloboga and Ancient cycle time, but as a scientist he knew exactly what the man has to live at least 150 years.
Scientific research

Modern science, with DNA discovery, advancing by leaps and bounds in the knowledge of the true and hidden features of the human body.

For example we have shown that human DNA is designed for 440 years of reproduction - the three Circle of Life !!! According to those same scientists, our liver is designed for 600 years! In general, it was found that all bodies are designed for a period greater than the period identified DNA reproduction. That is, if we take the period of reproduction of DNA (440 years) for the base, then the whole body created by nature "with reserve", in order to fully realize the capabilities of DNA.

Bible - the most read book in the world. Sure it has a grain of true knowledge, otherwise it would not be "caught" so many people.

In the Old Testament there is information on the life expectancy of the time. All of them lived more than 900 years: Adam - 930 years; Noah - 950. Very much !? It is unlikely that this source will cause the trust of our readers, but in fact in the whole there is some truth, but these figures are not comparable with the modern 100 years.

In the Indian world view (almost all of its branches and currents), there is such a thing as the Kali Yuga.

Here he writes about it wikipedia:
"Kali Yuga - the fourth of four southern or eras in the Hindu cycle of time. It is characterized by the decline of morality as good in the world is reduced to one quarter of the original state in the age of Satya-yuga. »

Kali Yuga is none other than the night of Svarog (Svarog chёtvёrtaya of the day). We are talking about the night of Svarog, as a time of spiritual oblivion. The parallel between Kali Yuga and Svarog night clear.

And so back to the Kali Yuga. Read on Wikipedia: "In the" Mahabharata "(in the story of Markandeya conversations, Aranyakaparva, chapters 186-189) explains that it is the evil age in which the virtues of the original remains only one quarter, and that by the end of Kali Yuga completely collapses. Reduced life expectancy - in Kali-yuga, people live to a maximum of 100 years. There comes a general economic and spiritual degradation, people show the most horrible and disgusting quality. Wilt their courage, intelligence and strength. The behavior of people are beginning to manage anger, envy, and ambition. People are lying and observe only the appearance of the victims, gifts and vows. Brahmins cease to do the prayer, retreat from the sacrifices and the reading of the Vedas, forget about the funeral sacrifices and eat what is necessary. »

Now we have just finished the night of Svarog and the maximum life span of people by the end of the night of Svarog is 100 years old. Everything converges in the Mahabharata is said about today. More precisely about yesterday, as the night of Svarog finished 2 summers ago, and now began the morning of Svarog. Now, we all wake up and have a real possibility to revise its internal cycles and, as a result, come to longevity.

Stomatalogiya and medicine in general.

Now we look at how our teeth prove that our body is designed for a much longer lifespan. This is my favorite of the evidence longevity possible.

The media occasionally seep data that in 80-100 years, people begin to grow new teeth. A case of growth of new teeth Marya Andreyevna Tsapovalovoy stay in the center of rehabilitation of elderly people in the city of Sochi. Maria Andreevna at the time of the growth of new teeth was almost 100 years. Such a case scientists refer to abnormal phenomena, which, however, are not unique. Previously it recorded case when Iranian Bahram Ismailia, new molars increased the age of 128 years. This happened with the Indian peasant Baldevo, which grew new teeth in 110 years. Another owner of such unexpected teeth became a resident of Tatarstan Maria Vasilyeva Chuvash village, she was 104 years old when it began to grow teeth.

dentists specialists can not explain this phenomenon, only a shrug, and only than they can justify such a feature - a glut of organism microelements old. But anthropologists have their own version, they believe that old age - is the body's stage of development, when it is observed self-renewal. According to contemporary anthropologists, the normal duration of a person's life - 200 years, cases of tooth renewal in old age is only a manifestation of the theory put forward by anthropologists

. In fact, some dentists also guess about the reasons for the growth of teeth at this age. Moreover, they even know why this phenomenon occurs with all centenarians.

I have a friend - a former dentist. When he was working dentist, he had a very good credibility - it was a high-class specialist. To him queues and many private clinics have tried to get him to his staff. However, he gave up practicing this activity. He explains this by saying that he understood that in fact your dental anesthetic injection, arsenic, a slew of dental nerve prostheses, all kinds of pins inserted in the jaw, etc. deprive a person of the possibility to get new teeth to 100 years. He says that dentistry - a practice aimed at the destruction of the natural flow of the processes taking place with the teeth. Surely the whole medicine - is a pseudo science that care only about how to make it more sick people

. That's what Leo Tolstoy said about medicine: "Medicine - a pseudoscience allows a person living contrary to the laws of nature to be at least as something healthy.»
Our eternal "Who is to blame and what to do?»

The question "Who is guilty?" I certainly have the answer, but I will not reveal it in this article. This is the theme of volumetric and, incidentally, is also very interesting and intricate. If you want, consider themselves guilty - and this, too, is correct, and I turn to the answer to the question "What to do?»

. Almost all the deaths occur in modern illnesses (not counting of course accidents and violent deaths). Judging by the statement, LN Tolstoy about medicine resulted above, it appears that something would not hurt to live not "contrary to nature", that is in harmony with nature. What does it mean to live in harmony with nature? Here I would like to highlight two different aspects:

First: it is certainly the alignment of their rhythm according to the rhythms of nature and the whole cosmos, that is, waking up with the sun, and goes to bed with the stars (such as the recommendation that I met in the Vedas, but now can not find where it is and the quote). In bringing their cycles in accordance with the nature is very well help the lap time, which is dedicated to our site. Honestly, when I first began to use the lap time, I was struck by how much they clearly identifies the needs of my body (I apologize for the advertising - it is not my goal, but I could not say about the lap time disclosing this issue) <. br> Second: you have to eat natural, living food. I will not promote vegetarianism and raw food, because the article is not devoted to this, except to say that boiled food is harmful.

There is another very important component of health and longevity, which is transmitted to us through the ancestors of the proverb.

Before proceeding to the proverb, to make a brief digression.
Everyone knows that in the time of post-revolutionary transformations of the new government in every way eradicated the people's wisdom. This is primarily done through regular Lunacharskii circumcision letters and turning it into a script. Lunacharsky removed the images from the letters leaving only phonetics, thus there was an attempt (it should be noted, is quite successful) to hide the true meaning of words. He replaced the prefix "no" to "the devil" distorting the energy component of many words (well, this is a separate issue).
Also abuse of language he has distorted much of the Towns of proverbs. He very cleverly and skillfully made it, in some proverbs have been enough to change or add one letter to distort meaning, and then turn it over to the opposite. This is my statement, I think, need examples. For example saying 'Cause time - fun hour "- in my opinion is a masterpiece Lunacharsky mockery of sense. Previously saying was: "And the case time and fun time." Think about what happened with meaning: before proverb says that one must be able and working and having fun. A new version says that it is necessary to work hard, and a little rest.

And so back to the proverb, speaking about health. In today's (Lunacharsky) interpretation of "mens sana in corpore sano" is primarily a body occupied by the body and spirit will be healthy. In fact, the proverb was: "A healthy body - healthy spirit", that is, there is no indication that the primary; and even so, "Health of the body - healthy spirit", the reverse link here embodiment Lunacharsky, here is the guarantor of a healthy mind body health. It turns out that it is necessary to work on the heart. Then the body will be healthy.

I liked how the Arina Nikitina said at one of his seminars: "If you are good, something you are sick?". Again the same connection. The disease - the lot of bad people, good people - healthy people! And another thesis on this topic. Any person to walk on the path of spiritual development confirms that the first thing that happens when you begin to develop spiritually - a dramatic improvement in health

! Be healthy! Live long!


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