Moonrise Kingdom

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You, as always, to "you" and, as always, with a bow,
in which only one courtesy without respect - how little you need to turn etiquette label
. But Moonrise Kingdom
not vow, do not ask for forgiveness,
hunger here, as it is, - ......:
It sounds only one for two
tension We strung string.

You can be completely honest in your fantasies:
Here all the madness plausible.
Just let, come on, let me get it out of you
the best of everything, what you can,
and the worst part is - from what is infinitely hiding

. Log in quickly to the gates of the forbidden is not greater than the temple,
take their own, we are alone in this mystery of the wilderness.
Look at yourself, you're fine
every ugly scar
Your tired, but not the soul asleep.
Pain turns to grin world
its animal care - I'll open, although I know that you are dangerous
. Well, hold the barbs,
punish, beat, kill,
the noise of breaking someone else's frame aesthetics. Dare - all is forgiven, all is forgotten, nothing is in vain
. It does not find and does not hide the face,
It is obvious that a mask - just masks
. Let us be true to the end:
one piece in this initial hatred for separation.
But for such a desperate honesty, without a doubt,
required, neither more nor less - all the universal love
. So the grass sprouted in the asphalt, celebrating the life of abundance,
as water, sun, air, earth and ether entwined in your blood,
contradicting his momentary desires - from the thrill of tenderness to violence, from doubt to clear knowledge,
in an infinite comprehension of art syuё - here it is, the Kingdom of powerlessness

! Let's take today will die - and cast their
heaven. Let the morning two strangers, and strangers crystal empty
leave the hotel room, not looking at each other's eyes.
And if God willing - they will not have to meet more than
. By the light of day, behind a veil of shame, not visible
open the mysteries of love, Moonrise Kingdom.


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