Tibetan singing bowls.

Tibetan singing bowls are made of an alloy of seven metals. Commonly used gold, silver, lead, iron, tin, mercury and copper.

Use the bowl is not for fun. This is a powerful tool for meditation and healing.
Energy fields produced by singing bowls have a special nature: the sound is in them, spiraling outward widening circles emanating from the cup, and at the same time spirals inside the bowl.

The energy that emit such tools creates a sacred spiral that can attract the flow of cosmic energy in your home. The negative and stagnant energy is carried away spirals more and more to expand until the center cup "calls" ethereal glowing energy in your home. Singing Bowls - is one of those tools that can clean and encourage energy into the house.

On the physical level - remove various spasms, dyskinesia, muscle blocks, inflammatory conditions, improve the body's defenses. In addition, there are remote places, where quality is not easy to carry out massage. For instance, when exposed to the spine, the sound of singing bowls produces mild vibratory intervertebral disc (when used in massage purposes). Occurs vibration, movement, relieves swelling, restores microcirculation and tissue nutrition. Vibration therapy is good for relaxing muscles neck, cervical area, helps with osteochondrosis.

On an emotional level, there is relaxation, start to leave emotions, good and bad, comes peace, harmonization, it is an excellent anti-stress agent. And of course, Tibetan bowls are used for complex effects, which gives a stunning type is generall therapeutic effect.

In accordance with the decision taken in the East division of all things on the yin and yang bowl carries a feminine energy (concave, rounded shape), and the wand or scepter represents the male principle. By combining their energy, they create a third entity - the sound is a child born in the bosom of the bowl.


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