To enforce became something new - to get rid of the old one.

To enforce became something new - to get rid of the old one. Sometimes our living space is so clogged things that no new opportunities and to approach us, this requires free space.
Maybe it's time to part with those blouses that you two had not dressed? With old jeans that are in the farthest corners of the cabinet and are waiting for their moment of glory when you grow thin and will wear them again ... shoes, which is a pity to throw, and how any small gizmos, papers, cans, boxes, patiently waiting in the wings, not parse the file on your computer, phone numbers of people that have not hang out ... just do not find it ... and it all accumulates, occupying the living space. If it is a pity to throw away good things, then give them to the needy without regret, therefore, you and myself frees up space for the new arrival, but also accelerates these revenues. Giving to the World Soul of any good, it definitely comes back multiplied form.
But the most important confusion reigns in our mental space. How many unwanted thoughts spinning in our head is full of resentment, fear, doubt, speculation ...
Perhaps the main general cleaning is needed here? And is not it time already to give all their emotional debts? To do something that has long promised and wanted to give up, or confident that, to deal with unnecessary connections and relationships, finally put an end to or already have started to do something to change the situation? Loved one will not appear if you are full of insults at the men, the money will be long to find the way to your wallet if jealousy overwhelms you, creative ideas, and ideas remain if the fears and doubts haunt.
We are currently building a barricade, cluttered thoughts and feelings poisoning, thereby preventing the renewal of our life, but most importantly, what's in our own abilities to satiate her light, joy and grace!


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