How to make a fountain for the pond at the cottage

In any country house should be a place to stay, not to mention the site. Usually this place is at the bottom of the garden, away from the hustle and bustle.

Here the master and the household to escape from the city heat and street hubbub. Very often, these recreational areas complement the artificial reservoir, which, along with its aesthetic function, visibly refreshes the air.

However, now the simple country pond no surprise.

Quite another thing – "live" overflowing with cool spray and the sound of water in the fountain. This song will really become the highlight of a charming garden or a business card on a well-kept lawn at the front door. The fountain on the dacha does not require difficult manipulation and hard hit on the family budget.

The main elements of the system for pond fountainSubmersible garden fountain for pond is quite affordable for the device with their hands. Thus the richer the imagination, the more complex and original composition work. The main equipment for the fountain, and the choice of which must take responsibility, represented by the pump and filtration system.

The fountain consists of the following elements:

  • tubing for water circulation;
  • circulation pump submersible or surface-type filter;
  • nozzle for forming a water jet;
  • remote control.
Installing a fountain in the pond, it is necessary to correctly calculate the required capacity of the pump to create the desired height of the jet and maintain the desired pressure of water flow. It is the quality and proper operation of the pump, which is considered the heart of the whole system depends on the durability and continuous operation of the fountain.

For small ponds you can buy cheap pump with average power. The average price of low power pumps ranging from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. As a rule, for the operation of the pump requires a source of electric current that must be considered before the installation and planning locations.

Diagram of the simplest montanarini the operation of the submersible fountain water from a bowl, pond or other body of water flows through the filter in the circulation pump, lowered to the stony ground at the bottom of the pond, and the system of pipes under pressure is supplied to the nozzle for spraying over the surface of the pond. When choosing the right equipment and the right design of such a system throughout the season and requires no special maintenance.

Several ways to transform an ordinary fountain in osobennym matter the form that takes the output, identify the following types of fountains: simple "jet", "hemisphere", "Tulip", "bell", "ring" and "fish tail". The most widespread due to its simplicity has received the jetting fountains.

Mini-fountain for the garden can be a real work of art with the help of additional equipment such as lighting and special nozzle. Picking up the nozzle spray, you can create unusual shapes of water jets in the form of a dome, flower bowl, foam pillar, pyramid, funnel, fan.

In addition, you can use a group of fountains with different nozzles to create spectacular compositions.

In addition, do not forget that additionally decorate your garden a fountain may different shapes and structures of the stones that will be spewing out streams of water.

Romantic looks illuminated fountain, which is possible in three variations: solid, constant, mixed and changing dynamic. The choice depends on budget and individual preferences. Lighting for ponds runs from led bulbs. You can buy a lighting system powered by solar energy, which is not only safe, but also economically.

In the major gardening stores you can buy full sets of country of fountains, fully ready for installation. The price depends on the kit size and pump capacity. Submersible installation with additional accessories led average power will cost between 5 – 6 thousand roubles. The kit includes all fittings and install it is not difficult.

If you can not spend power supply cable for pump operation, you should think about buying a standalone device with a photocell. Fountain solar powered garden pond has two types of devices: with built-in bowl and a remote panel with solar cells.

The second type of device is useful in case when access to sunlight is required to place the battery away from the water. The minimum cost of this kit is 1.5 thousand rubles.

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Very popular in suburban ponds kits floating fountains are ideal for ponds of any depth, and easy to install. By design, they are equipped with a float, and for their permanent fixing in a certain part of the pond using the anchor or stretching.

Except for low-cost country models on the market are powerful floating fountain installation for natural bodies of water with significant depth, which cost tens of thousands of rubles.

Tips for a standalone device garden fountain

If you do not want to buy standard kits, you can make garden fountain with his own hands. The easiest way to purchase the individual components (pump, nozzles, led strips, tubes and filters) and to conduct an independent installation.

Original decorated fountain, even with improvised materials remaining from the construction of the country house will make a lovely impression on every visitor. When the site already has a pond, fountain installation will not take much time. Otherwise, you will need to dig a pit for the bowl and take care of waterproofing.

When creating a fountain you should consider the following recommendations:

  • a place for pond and fountain should be located in the open area, away from trees, shrubs and hedgerows, as the roots can damage the system, and falling leaves create problems in the form of clogging of the filter;
  • for the submersible pump, be sure the device is on the bottom of the bowl is a raised stone platform, free from accumulations of sludge;
  • it is not necessary to place the fountain close to buildings and ornamental plants are sensitive to waterlogging;
  • at the end of the season is necessary to drain and dismantle the pump with other elements in a closed heated room.
The desire to revive his country land the sound of water and fresh coolness should not be impeded by fears of a complex design or expensive. Garden fountain for pond is also available for the device with their hands, and for the purchase of finished kits.


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