5 of musical instruments that you can learn online

If as a child you did not give to a music school, it does not mean that it is too late to learn to play a musical instrument. And if you have forgotten the skills of the game, they are not so difficult to recall or develop further.

For those who are eager to learn how to accompany singing friends or yourself as well as for all those in search of a new and exciting hobby, Website I picked tutorials and lessons to help learn the popular musical instruments.


Most kampaneysky tool that can make you a star party or gatherings with friends. The first 2-4 weeks of classes will be paining finger tips, but you'll get a "Stairway to Heaven" and other soul hits of various genres.

Lessons from Center Stage Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele Academy will help beginners learn the guitar better. Lessons from DarinPoldan help familiarize yourself with the six-string in Russian. Teach by Guitarprofy.ru help with basic knowledge of the game will tell you what is "bar", and you will learn how it is uncomfortable. < all chord diagrams and their collections by song can be found on Otsema.ru.


If the fingers and eager to touch the keys, but the space in the house is small, compact synthesizer will help to realize the creative potential without sacrificing the free space in the house.

We recommend to start with two introductory lessons from a professional in their field of Tim Gross (Tim Gross). Then you can proceed to Metalworks Institute. Introductory lessons in Russian can be viewed on channel Sintezator online, they will not only tell you how to play, but also how to connect the instrument to a computer, to record an audio file, and so on. D. The basic skills of the game and settings secrets can be found at . Online Sintezator-online The collection of music for various compositions -. on Notomania.ru A Sintlib.ru will find examples of games popular songs <. br>

Do you have a free garage or neighbors with a fondness for heavy metal? Then you should try to play the drums. Improved co-ordination skills and became strong biceps guaranteed.

Lessons from Drumeo introduce up to date and show you how to play the real rockers. In Russian about the game on drums tell Channel Alexander Nosov. Self for the three levels of training can be found on Mydrum.ru.


Tools for sophisticated, which is easy to take with you. This collection contains useful links for those interested in a transverse flute.

Lessons Rebecca Fuller just for beginners. In Russian suggested to see the lessons on the basis of framework at Urokimusic channel. Find out what it consists of flute and how to collect, can be of tutorial Flauta.ru, Notes classical pieces for flute flutists find on the site.


Tiny, but very atmospheric tool. It can also play your favorite soundtrack, and a popular song, and something jazzy.

Mitch Grainger and lessons from DYNATONE will show what to do with the harmonica, so she began to play. < / Self and other useful information can be found at Garmoshka-samouchitel site. Taba different compositions have to Antropinum.ru.

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