Not all women like to cook

We live in an age of services and technologies. For peanuts you can eat in the restaurant, to invite the helper around the house, to buy ready-made food at the store, buy a bunch of equipment, and to do more important things. You can also? Of course.

I live in a country where 99% of women jostle in the stores have shelves with convenience foods, and the produce Department always deserted. But I also live in a country where 99% of women in divorce. In Australia there is no culture of family, no spiritual values. Women “don't believe” in marriage and create families far beyond 30 and only a few years to conceive children. Men walking, women work, families break up. Of course, such a low level of eternal values is not limited to the ability to satisfy her husband, but it is not unimportant factor.



Not all women like to cook. Can do everything, but not all they like to do. I'll tell you a secret. When I was about 14, I decided to cook dad dinner. Put on the fire water with the rice and ran off to read the recipe for the meatballs. I came around when the whole kitchen was in smoke. The rice was burned along with the coating of the pan. It was the summer when I worked in his office. The salary he paid me but I and there was extremely delighted. That day, my dad is very severely punished. He has deprived me of my salary for a month, forcing him to buy a new pot. She just did was equal to my monthly earnings. I cried a lot, asked not to deprive me of it, but dad insisted. Looking back, I realize that such punishment would be very good for a boy. Boys are praised for actions. But girls need to love who they are. Not otherwise. So, since then I just hated to cook.

In 18 years I somehow learned to defrost foods. That's where my skills ended. And even when family life made me learn to cook soups and fry the meatballs, I hated cooking, it was considered a wild humiliation. Of course I was appropriate: underdone, overcooked, bland, salty.

When into my life came the Knowledge, I realized that cooking is a great mystery! It's an affliction that lures the hearts of men in the woods. Food binds man to woman invisible bonds. I started to cook with love. I'm not doing this to “fuck off”, in order to quickly fill the stomach of her husband. Cooking has become for me a ritual.

Before you start to cook, I create an appropriate atmosphere. Include religious music or lectures of their favorite teachers. Kindle everywhere candles, put nice foods and all the equipment that I need during cooking. I do everything slowly. Slowly pour the oil, and I enjoy the way it spreads on the vegetables. Enjoying the sensations, when washed rice. Rejoice in the bright colors of the vegetables. Smell the fragrant fruit. When I cook, I wish my husband what he needs most at this time: health, support, friends, good luck. In the end, I “sprinkle” a dish for his love and wishes of happiness and peace in our home. Recently, I started to bless the food in their spiritual tradition. Also, I try to bake several times a week. When I mix the flour into the dough, I imagine that small bits of millet is our differences with my husband, and when I make them a single unit, they leave.

In any religion you will find that the love of a woman comes to a man through the stomach. If God will give me the opportunity, I will never give up assistant around the house. But I'll never admit to your kitchen.


The kitchen is my altar, my power. And I'm sorry for women who see cooking as a burden. Through food, you can make your husband either a king or a clown. In food lies much deeper energy than you think. Try to cook with love, and you will see how love will fill your entire house.published

Author: Tatyana Rumjantseva


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