We are a generation of women with distorted values

Have you ever wondered why virtually every one of us so hard to be with children constantly? Why do we have somewhere to pull from the house? Why for the sake of publication, we are ready to give their children to others for upbringing, the people we don't know? Why are we more concerned with fashion and gossip than pedagogy and healthy eating? Why the family takes the main place in our lives? Why is our future and fulfilling our desires is more important than the future of our children? Now all these questions of the rhetorical level.

We don't know how to be happy mothers, wives, Housewives, women... We do not see sense to devote as much time to the children to bake cookies every day to wear skirts and dresses to iron husband's shirt, thinking about his life goals... We do not see this value, of importance. The family, motherhood, dedication, sacrifice, femininity... All worthless. Everything has lost its meaning. Why? Why did this happen? Why do we rush to work, tossing baby in a year or two on a strange woman in kindergarten? After all, she won't love him. She will treat him like localsize with a cap at the factory. It is a pipeline. She will not even try to see the personality in this child. It will put pressure on him, demanding to be like everyone else, because she's 25 and otherwise they cannot.


Once upon a time, 30 years ago, our mom gave us in kindergarten. The same aunt. A little bit strange. But nothing to do. Have to go to work. Just virtually every one of us then it was for about a year. And we have grown and developed not at home almost all the time... or Rather, the 21 year — 5 years kindergarten 11 years of school and 5 years University. All this time we were at home almost exclusively in the evenings and sometimes on weekends. We always somewhere in a hurry. We had business parties, classes, lessons, tests, tutoring, exams, couples, course, diploma, job, courses...

We were told — and learn, otherwise you will be a housewife! And it sounded so threatening that I wanted, really, gnawing with their teeth the granite of science. The most important thing is a diploma, hard work and an extraordinary career. Or at least just to get somewhere to work, because of the need to provide for themselves. How often have we gathered around the dinner table with the whole family? Only on holidays. My mother often greeted us from school? Usually we just came home and warmed a lunch or remain in detention. And in the evening mom ustasha and embittered from the endless troubles at work came home. She didn't want neither to talk nor to eat. She asked about the marks (if not forget), checked casual lessons and sent them all to bed.

Our parents didn't know us. They knew nothing about our inner world, our dreams and aspirations. They reacted only on the bad, because to respond to a good they didn't have time.

We did not know them. We couldn't know because we didn't have time for long intimate conversations, summer camping at the river, playing games together or reading, on a family trip to the theatre or the Park this weekend...

And so we grew up... So we raised some ideas and concepts about the future, about life, about life goals and ideas. And in our minds a place for the family was allotted very little. That is exactly the same as what we saw in our families. After that long, dealing with a child, play with him, you need to love doing it. To constantly every day to bake cookies and cook lots of different food, you need to love doing it. To give time to the house — decorate it, clean, to improve, to create a cozy atmosphere, you need to love doing it. Want to live the goals and ideas of her husband, worry for him and his future... to love him and not just myself around him.

All of this instills daughter's mother. Her first and most important teacher. It indicates priorities. She teaches us to love...your woman's mission. She explains about the importance of being a wife and mother. It teaches... to love. And if the daughter hardly saw his mother, and if she did, it was not inspiring for family happiness, how would she find him?!

We were doomed to lose its purity and love, because we were taught only how to make a career.

We were taught that the word "success" is only meaningful outside the house, only the walls of the Treasury.

And then we quietly cry over the destroyed marriage (which is money), over the exclusion of children and a strange feeling that someone once lied to us.

But there's always a way. The solution is to learn. Learning to be a mother, wife, mistress, woman. Slowly, little by little... to learn to see everything with different eyes. Female, kind, loving... to learn to love. To learn to not think about work most of the day, and about his family. To learn the value of family, husband, children. To serve them, to help them to become better, to blossom as the flower buds are warmed by our love.

We need to learn to smile children and husband, to hug them more often. We need to look deeper and understand that we are not just raising a person, we form his inner world, his Outlook, his attitudes. Much of what he will receive in childhood will follow him his whole life. And we need to make a brilliant career mother and wife. And if we're not even going to try to pass on this career ladder, disappointment is an inevitable part of old age. Because missed opportunities and rejected responsibility give very bitter fruit in the future.

And it is important to remember that all will bear fruit in due time. What will they be? A lot depends on us. From our life of the vector, from the values that we bring to this world...the world of his family. published

Author: Elena Dobrokvashina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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