The rule Less Is More: a tool for decision-making


In the book of Nassim Talebi "Anthropist" there is an interesting tool for decision-making – the rule "less is more".


"I found that used the rule "less is more" as a tool for decision-making (as opposed to the method by which all the "pros" and "cons" are displayed on the computer screen) intuitively.



For example, if you have more than one reason to do something (e.g. to choose a doctor or veterinarian, hire a gardener or other worker, to marry or to marry, to go on a trip), just don't do it.

This does not mean that one reason is better than two; just if you offer yourself more than one cause, then you are trying to convince. The obvious solution (invulnerable in relation to error) require no more than one reasons. When you are in the flow, you don't have something to dovidonyte, to convince, to draw up lists for and against — you just go and believe that this should be so and not otherwise.

Quote perfectly demonstrates the difference between decision and choice based on vision.

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