Why everyone You meet is CRAZY

The answer is simple: the problem is You.

If every person that You interact with on an emotional level, is a psycho and ruins your life, the only thing they all have in common is You, so start with yourself.

The usual pattern: a quiet, reserved, "cute" man constantly attracts into your life emotionally explosive and manipulative people. Why is this happening, and again and again?

This happens when You mind the closeness, and You are not able to honestly and openly Express their emotions. In turn, it inadvertently narrows the options of choosing a partner, and here's why.

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1. Their boldness counterbalances Your inhibitions.

Hesitate to show romantic interest, You thereby limit the range of potential partners, giving the chance only to the most enterprising and courageous of us pushing the other. If You are shy, indecisive, not know what you want, or are unable to Express their wishes, then You are the main contender for the role of the victim that someone would oppress their desires. It is the weakness of attract into Your life is selfish, selfish people.

2. Their emotional instability stimulates Your suppressed emotions.


People who are too shy to Express their emotions, suppress them in several different ways. They are closed in yourself and become indifferent to others or trying to find reasons to avoid emotional interaction with others. In some cases, people completely objectiveswhat their relationship and sex life. They believe that there is no need to maintain an emotional connection with the person they are Dating.

When You suppress your emotions and avoid intimacy, it is bringing into my life emotionally unstable people. Such men, as a rule, are on the hook for overly-emotional women because it allows them to experience their own emotions vicariously through the drama of the woman with whom they have relationships.

3. Them addicted to the drama makes You feel important.


The true reason why men suppress emotions, the bait of overly emotional women is drama. Such people are always in a state of crisis. They are the eternal victims of anything. They constantly need to be saved from someone or something. It makes You feel important and needed as You go through life suppressing intimacy and keeping the relationship more superficial.

Emotionally unstable "crazy" will always find a way of influencing You. They can get You out of a state of calmness and equanimity. The truth is that permanent residence in a state of emotional crisis makes another person feel their own importance. They are afraid the same as You – to be unnecessary. Drama allows two people – the emotional state of someone who suppresses their emotions to dance toxic unconscious dance of victim and Savior, staying in a dizzying euphoria, in a state of excessive suffering.

These "crazy people" still throw You. Each time You will more and more to sacrifice their own identity to settle their emotional problems. In the end, You generally lose the ability to think and choose.

It destroys Your attractiveness, because people who don't value themselves, are the epitome of unattractiveness. The only way to stay afloat is to find someone who likes to make things difficult.

Such people are often in love triangles that serve as endless fuel for their need for drama, as well as the suppressed need to "save" or "to persuade" another person to anything.

These "crazies" are responsible only for their own conduct. If You attract them into your life that repress their emotions, it is only Your fault. published 


Author: Alexander Dino


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