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Constantly accumulating in our lives, a sense of fatigue over the years, more reminiscent of hard-Packed Luggage, which is afraid to open, back not pack, as it was, and your final destination is still far away. And we stay with this feeling as effectively, recognizing the natural neproshenoy this neighborhood. Every year we acquire new concerns, new problems and not distinguish which one is ours, and what we put in their sacrificially-naive negligence.

With time, increasing the feeling of fatigue apathy grows and soon he's lazy, we like it or not, often stay too long in our lives unbidden guest, maximizing living space in a cozy, uninvited company. We annoying is the obsession with the door, but we suffer, because to drive — a bad tone.

We are so accustomed to, we must endure.

That's just never explained why and what we should tolerate, and what to drive from the yard and shut the gate. There comes a time when what was recently given and it was easy, now the feat on schedule. Of course, can all be attributed to age, workload and other superficial reasons. We may think that the cause is some event, some person, some circumstance.

But really, the reason is much deeper. It had also been turmoil, confusion, disappointment, and defeat. One of the best features of our lives lies in the fact that they are always, at any stage of our lives is a part of our experience, which is especially bright in contrast. But now it seems to us that before we had more forces, we were younger, carefree, etc. To some extent, Yes. But an important part of the magic "before" really was that we are actively cognized HIS life. Yes, there have always been those who constantly and systematically interfered in it who insists on certain postulates, specified standards, policies, and diversity "possible-impossible".

We are accustomed to the scope and limitations to a much greater extent than to their own way, the responsibility for it, their decisions, and the balance of priorities in life.

In fact, our annoying "companions" — not an evil that must be fought. Or rather... you don't have to deal with them. Yes, there is no clerical or typographical errors. It's like that remove the symptoms without eliminating the cause of the disease. All our medicine — simptomatika. Yeah, nobody treats in fact, filming already obvious, painful symptoms, but none treat the cause. Our medicine cuts out the human parts, and does not consider as an integrated, unified being, where everything is interconnected and does not exist separately. Same thing with our lives. Without finding the causes, withdrawal symptoms is only a temporary measure, so don't be surprised the speedy return of "old friends".

Our body is very wise, this finely adjusted mechanism, which has its own extensive warning system, which is always about us and our needs, unlike us, unfortunately — we are committed to that and anyone, but not yourself, your body and your inner balance. We lose ourselves and exchanged easily and casually. Constant fatigue, apathy, laziness and depression is a protective reaction of the organism, which indicates that... you are NOT his life. Atavistic paradox of human nature is that someone else's life people are living more willingly than my own, thinking for themselves (or taking someone for their) good reasons. But not supporting a single reason in favor of their own, unique and unique life. In favor of themselves. Ranking their priorities for whom and under what else but for themselves. Selflessly sacrificing himself, his life of "for", "for", "because", "but I can't do otherwise"... is just a game of hide and seek with your life, which inevitably turns into a conveyor belt of clichés, norms, dogmas, programs, stereotypes, others ' opinions and reactions, fears, inertia and... the eternal search.

A personal search is not necessary, all is in us. It is enough to show respect and consideration to yourself, do not be afraid to ask about their needs, to devote time to themselves, their abandoned, suppressed, hidden emotions and desires, don't be afraid to make a choice, not to give to defend their opinions, to Express your feelings, insist on what is right and necessary for you, to hear your inner voice, see the many signs and signals, always present around.

Scary? Yes, it is scary. Scary to reckon more than to be with others. From early childhood, we have diligently instilled in her the tenets of what is permitted, which we enthusiastically and successive instilled on our children. We got used to the feeling of numerous limitations. Their sudden disappearance may cause panic attacks: What to do now?". How to live with this ability to be free?...

Our criteria of life, concepts, perceptions and representations, of course, important and necessary, but if impartially to observe the children, see how many of them artificially created, acquired definitely and undeniably rooted in our lives, our cells and atoms. Us uncomfortable, but we still forced ourselves under them, because "everything is live" or do we just want to fit it "all" because we have been taught to "conform", but was not taught to resist, not instilled the skills to be themselves, not taught to love, not told about the power and goodness of love, about honor and dignity, which should be one of the major pacing of our actions. Because the ability to respect themselves creates in man the ability to respect, as the principle of interaction in society. Time changes, it requires us, our changes, our dynamism, our participation, and we... don't have time.

We are mired in other people's lives, we hoisted a lot of far-fetched, and not their own problems and challenges, we have not distinguish where our experience, a lesson, our situation, and where — someone. We succeeded in dive skills and porazenia, we are adept at blocking and slowing down itself, and so artfully — other.

We "hang" from the conflicting environments and feelings within us, the inherent, natural introductory or acquired, forced data. And then you wait and suffer when someone will come and will restart, will restart our "system", being habitually focused on waiting for someone of something, or from something amazing miracle, while continuing to live in invariably crystallized, but "appropriate", "as in all the way, propping his life to other people's crutches. We carefully and skillfully inspired a lot of lengthy judgements about "selfishness", pogreba under it all is not a herd, all that is not "as people", not "like everyone", obanliku and devalue of a man before himself and his own unique life.

Because the mass is so convenient, so convenient for those who manages it, is so convenient for everyone who got used to manipulate anyone who got used to shift responsibility on another's shoulders, who likes to be meaningful for someone who has a lot of ambition and low productive and creative endeavours. This is useful for those who have claims and consumerism more than respect and commitment, who sings of freedom and proud of their devotion to the ever-changing values and dogmas, not to disclose fears and ill-concealed dependence on other people's opinions and convictions faceless "what will people say".

The word "selfishness" has acquired multi-tasking due to their vagueness, swing flexibility and highly adaptive ability to fit into any uncomfortable, violating the usual way, shape behavior. And those few who dare to live their life, who suddenly, realizing the value and primary importance of his life, solved, making a choice to find yourself in your own life, do not go unnoticed watchful eye of a withering "righteous community" angrily condemn, if it were directly their own vital cause, a personal insult, a slap in the face of their social "normality".

How many people can say what they feel, what they were born, do their job, love what you do, who brings satisfaction and joy to their world? How many people gave their own lives as many happy and positive people? How many people who don't need the surrogate propulsion their implementation? How many are able to be yourself, be sincere, be friendly? How many are able to distinguish beneficial instilled in them the sacrifice from clean heart?

As a discern where they are technically used, and they indulge it, and where is the genuine choice, in this case, which does not drain and does not collect the strength, because pure intention is always updated and maintained again, he steals our strength, but only strengthens them? How many people go into a relationship to give and not receive? And how many are able to give, not making dividends for their "works"? But it is these people fear and despise the most. Such people cherish the least. It is such easy to be hurt, because their openness has and is puny, conveyor-fed qualities of an obedient crowd. But it is these people are all waiting for in your life and afraid to be themselves.

So where do they take, if not to ourselves become those coveted, warm, need, loving, sincere, courageous, able to respect themselves, and thus the middle?.. Scary? Why? After all, how quickly to transform a world which Hayat and swear, if once, at least 20% of conscious population of the planet will want in yourself — not in someone! — light change. Decide to Shine, not to block the light, to give at least as much as consume, to be thankful, able to love and not to hide his feelings, not to be afraid to make choices, to appreciate, to respect themselves and their life more than it is able to appreciate and respect others.

Your life is a Gift. A gift to you. You are pleased when your sincere, from the heart-made gift you tenderly and carefully picked up particular person, after quite a short time... peredaran they different? A man I never met. But with your life you do so.

And what happens? Few who understand what to do with his life, his Gift, and how sensible and full to dispose of, and then you give him another life tossed, pathetic bringing her "sacrifice". He and his does not know what to do, what to do with your "victim" — even more so. And if he knows then for sure you will find she is not yours, but his understanding and use. But in the end, you blame the "tremendously gifted" to you in a non-existent crime, and can't forgive him that he is your gift not appreciated, not grateful. I'm sorry... but you just got rid of his life, having hoisted it on someone else's life on top.

Everyone, I will stress the word — everyone is given a life of its own, unique life! Not for "paradrymonia". Everyone has this gift. Everyone is given their own unique features, its own unique enablers of their life, their goals and objectives. But as soon as we have access to conscious existence, we, on the scheme, along a predetermined path, completely voluntarily "subscribe to a indulgence" of his life, selflessly donating it to someone who is as generously endowed than, the same as each of us, a single, unique life, with unique experiences, unique challenges, peculiarities, physical, psycho-emotional, mental. We have succeeded in this responsibility for my life, that fostered and celebrated this imaginary, albeit completely voluntary, sacrifice, requiring her return bonus, appreciation, attention and approval. But really, 90% of the generally accepted requirements of sacrifice or show — a typical flight. From himself, his life and foreclosure opportunities.

Yes, someone was born to bring themselves and their lives in sacrifice, unselfishly and selflessly. And such people make history, even a small drop in the ocean, regardless of history knows about them or not. Because for true, genuine sacrifice does not need the recognition of the crowd and carved for centuries name as a reward. It is the feeling of your way like that.

Live your life, you were born for this. Nobody came here by mistake, you understand their lives or not, and whether it fits in your ideas about what should be someone's life or not. Each has something unique to him and only he can weave in the universal fabric of its unique thread. Do not confuse the thread, not whipping nodes, do not create congestion and reshaped, mended scars. No matter how scary you were, how confusing and unclear it hadn't seemed to be in your life or with your life, you have two priceless, trustworthy, jewelry and debugged tool.

Heart. Your most faithful friend, your intuition, conscience and counselor. If you don't know what to do, how to do pay attention to what you feel about it. The decision will be on the surface. The case for small, for your willingness and determination. Sincerity. Sincerity is the best measure, the surest indicator. published

Author: Tatiana Baruch

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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