The boys, whom no one has explained what it's like to be a man

Dogs bark at us, Sancho, it means we are moving forward. Don Quixote

I remember in my childhood I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Or hero. Boys, they are attracted to masculinity. Agree, this is a great job! That out of the suit bravely shouting "let's go!" when you tons of the combustible mixture to explode, breaking the earth's gravity, that the soul behead mythical lizards. Very masculine classes.

But we grew up and became what I became.

Let's be honest. Hands up all those who dreamed of that it will be a Bank clerk? A logistics Manager? Specialist in management accounting? A programmer?

What is courageous is to pay for light, vacuum, take the car on credit? Washing.

Standing here in the midst of trendy hypermarket, slowly filling the cart with diapers, persimmon, and whatever else (look at list), and think, and this what I was supposed to come?

Around are full of banners of emancipation and feminism. We, educated women, look at it with great respect. The same right – to support the weaker sex and to forgive them their little weaknesses and passions, right?

But not feeling that "something is wrong".

I was asked recently. In the modern world means to be a real man? No, not even that. What it means to be a Real Man? Knight! And where's a Man-a Feat?

I confess, I have not invented anything better than the response in the spirit of sophistry. They say, be a man for modern men is a feat... so-So recipe!

The logic of development of society involves the reduction of the permissible level of testosterone. When people began to gather in large settlements, the alpha males, able with equal ease to bring down mammoths and tribesmen head to break, becoming unpopular. Because dangerous. Are people not able to obey. They are too good. Too active. Too aggressive. What to do alpha in a developed society? In the best case to be a COP or military. At worst – criminal.

And Yes, women love. Instinct has not been canceled. "Women like scum, only they leave healthy offspring".

But they usually do not have families. So, they do not reproduce. So, they are less and less.

We remain, home and comfortable as well-worn Slippers. Predictable, understandable, loving children and cats.

If you can expect from us Serenade under the window of light and such, socially acceptable, accurate madness, it is only in the honeymoon period. At first. Well, to conquer somehow.

And then – salary, retainer, shelf to beat... How to show? How to show your significant other and yourself that you're a man and not a wuss?

Benchmarks virtually no.

A lot has been written about the legacy of a war that already seems to be ended seventy years ago, and the genetic memory remained. Man – a rare value, it is necessary to keep. Even crooked and lame. Hence the roots of a great joke about "suddenly the war, and I'm tired".

The recent past as ideals of masculinity offered, except that options like the soldier, the hero-liberator. Or of the Builder of communism, the hero, accordingly, socialist labor. Well, or alternatively line, dissident, politically active intellectual, the apogee of which was to leave the country.

From earlier years – a nobleman with a clear code of honor, who suffers about the "fate of Russia" (mostly passively), or a strong man, physically strong, hard-working.

In General, it is difficult with the ideals. And since no landmarks, start distortions.

Trying to prove myself and others that we are carriers of the Y chromosome, we're doing some very strange things.

For example, buy large red cars, expensive phones, stylish suits and other phallic symbols.

We achieve success with women. Many of the women. After all, Womanizer, don Juan and Arthur Pirozhkov – the more macho, right?

We act deliberately brutal. Use foul language, smoke, spit juicy, bawdy joke and rarely shave.We drink a lot. My friend, nice intellectual once shared their success in implementing their masculinity. "I couldn't drink a bottle of brandy for the evening. And now I can."

We kill when doing sports. Tear veins under the barbell or inspired break the joints on the football field.

And, of course, every night I go to war. Tanks. Young and old alike.

Oh, by the way, the warrior is the most striking manifestation of masculinity. But until the war, thank God, no, in reality, we have to choose between police, military and professional is that of a firefighter.

Hunter is also a good role. I have a friend interested. Recently, the first time he killed someone. Fortunately, the hare. Before two years of bitter peel on the hood of a UAZ. A difficult thing!

The culture of chivalry assumed in addition to the ability to ride a horse in a tin and chess and even a lady, whose name ought to glorify exploits. Hence the image of romantic hero. Good image, nice. But painfully unsustainable. In addition to poems, songs, flowers and still want to eat. So, no need to suffer, and to earn a money.

A man from the plow, the Plowman, by and large, not exactly. If you earn money for the family, it does not mean yet that you are treated like a man. Often you need about the same as a good cow with high milk yield.

In all this mess and confusion visible yet two bright images.

First, a rich man and therefore independent. Hence so much love for expensive toys and intense consumption.

Second, male with good health that for the health of following. Starting from the gym and eating right and ending with a Solarium and manicure. "Being a sensible man..."

He and the other images are outside, as the bright armour of the medieval knight with feathers on his shiny helmet.

But we are trying. In boys, which no one has explained what it's like to be a man. Because fathers don't. A mother, educator and teacher, because the floor could not.

We learn.

Two things are essential.

Professionalism and its territory.

Both actually in our hands.

Master was always strong, independent and successful. Both the material and the mental plane. True professionals are always in demand. Mold if you dentures or tile in the bathrooms – not the essence. It remains only to improving his work.

Its territory is property. Detached and untouchable. Own apartment, own land, your house, your business, your Department in the firm, in the end. The position of Host is very important to men.

Well, kindness. We will not forget. Real inner strength is evident. Leniency, forgiveness, care, protection and warmth.

So, guys, be brave! Women, wait, soon! published

Author: Alexander Sentovich



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