What hands can tell us about your character

Since ancient times, the poets sang of a beautiful female hands, palmists predicted the lines of the hand the future, and the followers of the later science of chirognomy, determined by the hand shape a person's character.

If the hand sizes are proportional to other parts of the body, then its bearer is level-headed, reliable man, disproportion indicates instability of the psyche, about possible unpredictable behavior.

— Big hand speaks of endurance, diligence, geniality, complaisance person.

— Largest and most complete hand – a sign of kindness and weak will.

If women arm large, dry, knotty, she has many of the typical male traits of character, men hand this type of indicates insight, sharp wit.

The owners of a small hand – people are sensitive, touchy, selfish and irritable.

Small and thick hand shows the desire for sense gratification.

Hand of medium size with a thin brush indicates intellectual abilities.

People with a strong hard brush hands distinguished by strength of will, energy, enterprise.

Thin and delicate hands tell of a rich imagination, but lack the willpower.

The shape of the hand are divided into seven main types.


1. Basic hand. The palm is broad, hard fingers of thick, slow-moving, as if blunted. People with such hands possess physical strength and are prone to physical labor. The intense mental activity is not for them.

2. The spade-like hand. Form spatulate fingers; the thumb is of average size. People with such hands are in need of vigorous activities, physical labor, although they observed and thirst for art, poetry. The owners of hands of this type practical, conscientious, hard-working and quite emotional. They seek to assert themselves in life, not devoid of vanity, sometimes capable of risk.

3. Practical hand. The palm is broad, a little concave; the fingers often with nodes of a rectangular shape; the thumb of considerable size with well-developed lower joint. People with this hand tend to organizational activities, in the business we strive for precision and accuracy. They are characterized by endurance, patience, perseverance.

4. Artistic hand. This graceful, flexible, beautiful hand. It differs pointy toes with elongated, almond-shaped nails, and the thumb is poorly developed. People with such a hand, easily impressed, love art, poetry, they have developed a sense of beauty. They are independent, love of personal liberty, tend to be creative.

5. Intelligent (spiritual) hand. Hand long, narrow, graceful and gentle. Fingers smooth, thin; the thumb is well developed. The owners of this hand are inclined to spiritual life, indifferent to material values. They strive for moral perfection.

6. Philosophical hand. The hand is large or medium-sized, hand a Cup, the fingers long, with the nodes; thumb well developed. People who have a philosophical hand, appreciate the truth. They are able to analyze in detail the events, have a particular interest in the study of social Sciences, mathematics, astronomy, and chemistry.

7. Hand mixed. This type of hand occurs in combination of at least two of any types. People with such hands are better adapted to life, as they have a variety of important features.

That speaks volumes about your character length of the fingers


Look at your hand and compare the length of index and ring fingers.


Index finger shorter than the ring.

Such people are most often very attractive, pleasant and charismatic. They are more more bold, risk-averse and can easily cope with emerging problems. In addition, one of their special qualities — the ability to be compassionate and to empathize with the interlocutor. Overlook excellent engineers, scientists and craftsmen to solve crossword puzzles.


Index finger longer than ring.

These people are often confident and self-sufficient. They enjoy your company and really do not like to bother them for nothing. They are not one of those people who will take the first step towards, whether a new business or relationship. However, they appreciate the attention and graciously accept the praise.

Index and ring fingers the same length.

People with such thumbs are peace-loving, good-natured and do not like conflict. They are very organized in life and get along with everyone. Such people are faithful in relations, devoted to their work and the company where you work. However, be careful, for they lit a small fire, which it is better not to bring before the fire. Be on their side.published


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