Your hands can tell a lot about your character

There is no limit to human desire to know ourselves. Kay Packard (Kay Packard), head of the American organizations involved in research (American Academy of Hand Analysis), argues: some of us can tell our palms. And this is not palmistry. On the basis of own research, the organization came to the conclusion that each finger on our hands has its own importance.

The website introduces you with the researchers ' conclusions.

1. Defined by a strong hand everything is simple: you are either a Lefty or a righty. The palm and fingers on the dominant hand reflects your business and personality, while the fingers on the other talking about your behavior at home and close relationships.

2. Highlight the strengths and weak fingers each person has strong and weak fingers. The more specific fingers, the more pronounced you have certain traits. If the finger is curved, tending to another finger, leaning forward or is unable to perform some functions, it is a weak finger. If the finger is long and straight, he is strong.

  • A strong thumb on the dominant hand shows the desire to succeed in the profession.
  • Strong index finger says about your interest in power and influence, power, insight.
  • The middle finger is the responsibility, efficiency, confidence, growth, and wisdom.
  • Nameless — creativity, self-expression.
  • Little finger — communication skills.
Example: the combination of a strong thumb and middle finger on dominant hand suggests that you efficient, responsible and professional person who is not striving to satisfy only their own ambitions.

3. Pay attention to the shape of the fingertips

  • Rounded shape says about your desire to be in harmony c ambient and the fear of disapproval.
  • Square and flat form — the desire for accuracy and a negative attitude to uncertainty.
  • Spatulate (wide) shape suggests that you like originality and hate routine.
  • A strong form indicates that you like to throw reality for the unusual and mystical.
4. Pay attention to the distance between the fingers Put the hands on a flat smooth surface or keep them comfortable at the weight.

  • If your fingers wide apart, you are likely to be independent and love new experiments.

  • If your fingers are close to each other, you are prudent, cautious and perhaps self-absorbed.

  • If your middle and ring fingers are placed, you will hardly influenced. If these two fingers are very close to each other, you tend to justify social expectations follow social rules.

  • Look at the distance between the ring finger and little finger. If the distance is large, it means that you avoid serious conversations and difficult decisions that as a result of relationships at work and at home. If the average distance (compare with the hand of a friend), you are likely an independent thinker who is not alien to the spirit of adventure.
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According to the materials of realsimple, American Academy of Hand Analysis

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