Conventional Fasting — natural purification for the body

Bonuses contingent of fasting:

  • Get rid of toxins
  • Restart your metabolism
  • Will receive the effect of rejuvenation on a cellular level
  • Restore metabolism and the endocrine system
  • Strengthen immunity due to hidden forces of the body
  • Will tighten the skin
  • And, of course, reduce weight 10% — 25%!
Conditional Starvation is a natural purification for the body, as well as a wonderful healing effect. This method is based on the removal of mud, slime, sand, salt and other harmful substances from the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs.

This helps to prevent many diseases, which are listed substances. Conventional Fasting involves not only the rejection of the use of the usual foods, but also the holding of cleansing procedures (enemas), making healing herbal and natural fresh juices.

The efficiency of purification of an organism during starvation of a Conditional is the following:

The rejection of the use of food – results in a lack of the natural process of digestion, and consequently the discharge of the digestive system. It gives the body extra energy required for a natural cleansing.

Intake of herbal extracts – accelerates the processes of purification, helps the nutrition of body cells. The grass is almost instantly absorbed by the stomach, which allows to do without the participation of the digestive system. Healing tinctures tissue activate enzymes that bring toxins into the lymph and then into the region of the colon.

Bowel cleansing – enemas are the main cleanser of traditional and folk medicine, because it facilitates full emptying of the intestine, but also normalize the natural flora.

The standard fee for a Conditional Starvation

1. Peppermint
2. Melissa
3. Oregano
4. Nettle
5. Yarrow
6. Agrimony
7. Plantain
8. Thyme
9. Mother and stepmother
10.Calendula flowers
11. Chamomile flowers
12. Knotweed
13. Salvia officinalis
15. Valerian root
16.Viola tricolor
17. Horsetail.published

Author: Elena Sorokina



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