Mini-sauna for the home and garden: how to make a barrel with their hands

Phyto barrels are becoming more popular, many would like to learn how to make their own. It's not as difficult as it seems. For this work you need only the desire and a little skill.

Cedar barrels are used since ancient times. They help the person feel fit and healthy and can help in the treatment of various diseases.

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To install a mini-sauna in the apartment. The installation interview will be a great option if you have a sauna at the cottage, it would be a good alternative.

Application interviewTreatments in it made sitting bench must be height-adjustable, and the legs should be planking. Featuring heat-resistant steam, steam is supplied in a wooden case.

Moisture is removed by the overflow system. The steam generator is located outside, there are thermostats and herbal teas are poured into a special tank.

Antler concentrates, herbal teas, essential oils reinforce the positive impact of the barrel. The head always remains on the outside, the barrel is immersed in the body.

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In a standard steam room to achieve this effect is impossible, since it is under the influence of steam. The temperature in the barrel can be adjusted independently. Analog interview is a Japanese bath, but a regular barrel easier.

Cedar phytobarrel is often in beauty salons, clinics or fitness clubs, but it can be installed at home. It can be placed on one square meter.

It will not consume more than 2 kilowatts of electricity. The barrel will also help to improve the indoor climate, if it is pine, when heated, the scent of cedar will get into the air and clean it.

The water in it will heat up no more than 8 minutes to get a lock it takes about 15 minutes. For processing it uses a special cleaning compounds.

Make a barrel with their handsSquare barrel is easier than round, it can be done much faster. As a material suitable tongue-and-groove boards with a thickness up to 3 cm

For such boards do not need the hoops, it is not required to fit the sectors and other additional work. At the first stage you need to build myself a wooden case cedar can be replaced with a Board from pine, it has to be treated with aromatic oils of cedar, so you can save and keep the cedar aroma.

The hardest thing to do the drainage ditch, it will be ensured water flow down. In the process of steam there will be a condensate, it is necessary to get rid of.

In determining the capacity of the steam generator, it is necessary to consider the size of barrels per cubic meter of volume required per kilowatt of power. For temperature control requires temperature control.

During boiling, the water temperature rises to 100 degrees. Steam is released through the holes he has on people is the sauna effect. If you decide to make steam alone, steam is a little heavy and wet.

If you purchase the device, it will produce better vapor. This device is fuse and sensors to adjust the operation of the device in various modes. Homemade steam may cause burns.

Materials for the interviewIf the production of the barrels used cedar, that she was more woody fragrance need to use aroma oils.

  • For the construction of barrels you can use whole or stab tree can be used cooperage or mounting method.
  • They are time-consuming, requires experience and skill, but the barrel will get a holistic and durable, it can last up to 20 years
  • If you plan to produce a barrel of solid wood, the inside of the barrel is cut down the middle, it needs to be sanded to make the desired shape.
  • A less expensive method is the splitting of the trunk into pieces, they are processed and collected in a bulk barrel.
  • For Assembly of the barrel using the barrel method, you need to use the groove and ridge connection, in order to make them requires construction experience and skills, but the quality and strength of this barrel remains high.
  • If you decide to apply the mounting method, physical force is needed less, but a barrel can be used not more than 5 years. Inside it should be the seat cover and door.
  • In the manufacture of barrels, it is very important to use impregnations and antiseptics for wood, only in this case, such a barrel would be really useful.
It is possible to build whole, crushed, cooperage or carpentry way. When the whole method uses a solid piece of cedar, it hollows out a finished design, it is a costly method, since a solid piece of cedar is quite expensive.

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For split method is finished processing, it should be split into several parts, to handle the logs with special equipment to the required shape.

When designing a barrel, you need to closely stick to the location of the fibers and texture of the wood. In the upper part should be the same ring. This barrel will be fine to withstand high humidity and temperature extremes, it will last long enough.

Cooper's method is simpler and less costly, these products are made on individual order, they have a certain shape and size. These barrels shorter lifespan, but their price will be repaid in full.

At the cooperage way the barrel will be assembled without fasteners only connecting the individual parts. Carpenter's cask is based on SIPO of the splined connection. published  





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