A neighbor took an old barrel and landed in her 4 flowers and then... As if in a fairy tale!

The creation of this beauty, I learned recently. My younger sister, with whom we have a very large age difference, was visiting the neighbor girls. Her mother, Yevgenia, loves plants, and at home you can always see a lot of flowering pots, florariumov, and even a winter garden. But what she did a month ago — above all praise.

It turned out that the neighbor made himself at home mini garden. This idea she brought back from a trip to Belgium two months ago. In various European countries create mini-gardens to date has gained immense popularity. This is not surprising because the main advantage of the miniature garden is its compactness and ease of care.

Due to its small size it can be placed on the windowsill in the nursery, on the dresser in the living room or in the office at the computer Desk. And making in some of the rooms of your house or apartment a mini-garden, you will always have a area where you can relax and get away from the hassle and worries.

How to decorate a garden recomienda their philosophy of creating a mini-garden is the ability to see the big in the small, but significant in the everyday. Detailed miniature garden composition perform in the most ordinary things.

For example, cracked pots, buckets, wooden boxes, plates and even shoes. And my roommate created a miniature garden in an old barrel of wine. Of course such beauty takes much more space than a flower pot, but it is clearly worth it.

The editors of "Site" has prepared for you 9 charming ideas, how to create a miniature garden at home. All home happy and the kids happy!

  1. That's what happened in the end Evgenia Petrovna. Although after this song she didn't stop and created a few charming gardens.

  2. To create your miniature garden, you can choose the most unexpected solutions. It all depends on your imagination! Also propose to involve in creating such a cosy garden for their children. It's really exciting and fun will be another small step towards mutual understanding between you.

  3. If you, like me, after viewing these ideas fired up to create these mini garden, I suggest you start with this house-birdhouse. And, says Jo-Ann, famous master of creating mini-gardens, all crafts can be made from available funds. So you will surely find the necessary parts at home.


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