Lovers of handmade dedicated! 25 bright ideas, each one a jewel…

In Soviet times, the jeans were scarce goods. Bought them under the counter, paying big money, they were proud and bragging. Who wore this garment, considered very cool. And if you did not find that extraordinary era, your parents for sure!

Seventy one million nine hundred five thousand two hundred one

In our days denim fabric — commonplace. Clothes of this material sell in each city. She different cut, different colors from the brand and not the producers, and this is no surprise.

Indeed, when your favorite jeans wear out, you most likely throw them out and buy a new one, no less cool than the previous one. Nothing is thrown away! You can give them a second life, turning it into a functional and very stylish denim things. We are talking about what can be created with your own hands, and will not find someone else.

What to sew from old concordance «Site» created for you a selection of 25 cool ideas to use old jeans!

Ideas for inspiration
  1. Bag of denim. Such a thing for sure will last a long time and will originally look like. Thirty eight million seventy one thousand one hundred twenty five

  2. Bracelet. Stylish and original accessory. Ten million seven hundred fifty six thousand eight hundred thirty four

  3. From denim scraps can make such a Mat. Even patterns need not. Seventy eight million one hundred ninety three thousand one hundred two

  4. If you gather up a lot of fabric, can use it to sew blankets. Thirty two million three hundred ninety six thousand five hundred thirty

  5. Home decorations that delight the eye and create comfort. Seven million two thousand two hundred eighty eight

  6. Covering for pots for indoor plants. The fabric is nicer resin. Eighty three million two hundred seventy thousand three hundred eleven

  7. The pillowcase or the pillow. Seventy seven million one hundred thirty three thousand eight hundred ninety nine

  8. Decoration on the neck. Handmade always held in high esteem. Eighty five million eight hundred fifty eight thousand three hundred sixty eight

  9. Shoes. Convenient, and most importantly — natural. Ninety seven million eight hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred thirty four

  10. Summer shorts. What happens, knees and bottom rubbing. In this case, they can be cut and continue to use the favorite thing. Ninety two million two hundred twenty six thousand nine hundred eighty four

  11. Apron for the kitchen or work in the garden. Seventy seven million five hundred nine thousand six hundred seventy five

  12. Sheathing for different household things which make them stand in the interior. For example, such as a pencil box. Sixty six million one hundred seventy two thousand four hundred sixty six

  13. A large rug out of scraps. Eighteen million nine hundred eighteen thousand six hundred eighty

  14. Oven mitts. Seventy five million nine hundred sixty seven thousand three hundred fifty eight

  15. Beautiful dress. There need to be the ability to model and pattern. Sixty three million three hundred forty nine thousand five hundred seven

  16. Upholstery for furniture. Durable and unusual. Ninety nine million four hundred eighty seven thousand ninety one

  17. Organiser. All will be on hand and pockets. One million seven hundred eighty seven thousand seven hundred twelve

  18. Soft toy. Handy note. Ninety five million nine hundred twenty seven thousand six hundred ninety seven

  19. Creative fence. Immediately catches the eye and arouses interest. Twenty five million five hundred eighty four thousand four hundred eighty eight

  20. Stand under the Cup. Seventy million one hundred fifty one thousand seven hundred ninety seven

  21. Earrings. Seventy five million four hundred sixty nine thousand ninety three

  22. Tool bag. None ever lost. Eighty two million two hundred six thousand three hundred twenty

  23. Picture frame. Good idea for gift

  24. Packaging for wine with which I go to visit. Seventy six million five hundred ninety five thousand one hundred seventy six

  25. Cover for the tablet. Fifty eight million four hundred sixteen thousand twenty five

As you can see, from old jeans you can make a lot of cool things. Show imagination and create masterpieces!

If you have any fresh ideas for turning jeans, which amended unknown, tell us about them in the comments. And share this article with your friends.

The author

Stashkov Alena Alena loves to dance and work out in the gym. Believes that the need to strive for balance in life and to keep balance in any situation. Listens to jazz, enjoys watching short films. Wants to visit new York and visit the Brooklyn aquarium, located on the Atlantic ocean. Admires The Broadway. Favorite book Alena — "Violets on Wednesdays," Andre Maurois.


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