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Most of the stories about problems in life similar to the way a person takes a beautiful sturdy piece of fabric and begins to cut it as you like, imagining what the outcome will be the product of his dreams. Intuitive fit like our ancestors do without any patterns Yes special calculation of wear was made.

Shreds-shreds, stitch the pieces, but something is not very similar to the Princess gown, an elegant tuxedo or another elegant article of clothing, rather resembles a bag with slits for the arms, legs and head to go it seems to be possible, but his eyes are not happy, and not particularly convenient.

Then struts, trying to change the idea, stitch, this, decorate with bows, for the time is met, and then begins to feel some discomfort. Makes several more attempts — the same result, and then comes to mind the idea appealed to for help to the tailor, make sure to bring your brilliant creation to perfection.

He comes to the tailor and he says that, alas, the fabric is damaged, it is possible to sew a very limited set of products, and the best he can offer is to sew table napkins or bags for storage of small things. Well, and here begins.

Wait, wait, as the bags? My scenario is not satisfied! You know how long this fabric I was looking for(-a), choose(-a), other stamps then independently filled (-) on it, and you say bags.

— Yeah, see, the fabric is expensive and good, but why didn't you go to a specialist, and immediately began so to cut without a fitting and deliberation? Or at least tried on the less expensive to do something, patterns of fashion magazines, lessons from the Internet here would be useful.

Oh, why is it necessary? Everything is live, no one no the pattern is not looking and not building, that's why all my neighbors dresses themselves are made, and I have nothing. Why others cut and carry all this beauty, and I did not go?

— I think it's not just your neighbors. Maybe they have in the family is the one who's good at clothes sewing, can be studied somewhere, you may not be tried from fancy dresses to sew, and on the pillowcases, but towels were trained. But you never know how they got there, it turns out, you don't live together, don't see how they sew their clothes.

— No, I know that they have everything easy in life, and I punished(-a), apparently! Maybe it's my past life karma is so bad? Maybe God chose me as the only sufferer in this Universe, who should not get beautiful dresses? Maybe it's ancestral curse on us! And maybe even jinxed me, I even suspect who it might be. Gospodini, why, why is everything so difficult in this world, and why all this is happening only with me (the theater raises his arms to the heavens)?

— Maybe you just need to accept what is, and if we did not get to redraw the old may be, there is a sense to buy a new piece and already more intelligently approach the issues of cutting and sewing?

— A NEW SEGMENT??? What are you talking about! The crisis in the yard, all the good cuts have already discussed, such as this one, have never nichiei (hears sobbing). I'm so accustomed to it (La), it's the best cut of all the cuts, he's so wonderful, we were so good together. It's unfair, it's just not fair! Well, what if his hands were cut(-a), the other is also cut-cut, and nothing! Do they walk in those dresses, beautiful dresses. I have no desire to buy a new piece! Not going to buy anything (pout, hands in the castle, stomping a foot)! And I have noooo deeeep even on new daaaaang (sobs).

But the subsequent history depends on the level of awareness and luck in life. Either the person reshapes that is, the best thing to do in these conditions and accepts all as is, or let old, earns money for new fabric, exploring the issues of modeling and sewing and creates a beautiful new product yourself, and maybe with the help of any specialist.

But for the first and for the second option needs a serious inner transformation, and many of us believe that without any changes you can get what you want. If you think so, try it, what can I say. Get — well, not work, so there is still a point to ponder, do things the way we want to see?

Don't know what there about past lives, divine punishment and karma, but from what I see, people's problems usually consist of:

1. unsorted parent-child relationships, of which there are many fears, resentments, constraints, because childhood is the period in which begins to form our system of values and beliefs, but if since you are not revised, then it is likely that in your system a lot of "broken" programs and algorithms that may affect your personal life and professional activities, and self-determination in General;

2. lack of knowledge and necessary for action in a particular sphere of life information;

3. stubborn unwillingness to change, this often happens among the "most knowledgeable" people who sort of know a lot, but little has changed from this knowledge in their lives. Embodied knowledge is very different from the sort of clever words and long arguments about what cannot be verified. Most people play in this sandbox, what are the problems from past lives will reach not soon. They are in this very skillfully create more and more new.

What is there to argue,the result is always the Affairs is visible. Know how to cut and sew — get a beautiful and comfortable suit, and not so important, will star on the world podium and evaluate whether you grandmother from a neighboring yard. It is important that you own a really nice, loose, comfortable, and close, and those people whose opinion you value, appreciate created you and support you in your endeavors.


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Probably not everyone needs to be a professional tailor, who has a request for life, but if we had decided to create something with their hands, it makes sense to realistically assess their abilities, to learn what does not come easy the first time, and be sure to remember that for every great genius specialist often costs a lot-a lot of effort to transform the quality not very good.

Skill comes with practice, let's try to practice mindfully, so as not to miss the opportunity, which generously gives us life. Learn how to cut each quite capable, but as they say, first, "seven times measure". published


Author: Dean Richards


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