Exercises to prolong the youth of the neck

We are ready to offer you some exercises that help strengthen the muscles of the neck. To perform the suggested exercises at any time convenient for you. The main thing that the situation was appropriate. Exercises to strengthen the neck is able to maintain tone of the facial muscles, improve skin nutrition, strengthen the muscles of the chin region and the muscles of the neck, give the neck skin firmness and elasticity.


Exercise 1.

Starting position — sitting, the emphasis back in his chair, hands lying relaxed on his knees. Putting his right hand on the left, place them with the back under his chin, as if trying to hold your head back. The head resists the movement of the atom. There is a strong tension of the neck chin muscles.
The head retains its original position. 10— 15 C under full muscle relaxation smooth motion lower your head down.

Exercise 2.

Original position — the same. Slow motion, tilt your head back to touch the nape of the back, strain the muscles of the neck from behind. Feel the muscle tension. hold it for 3-6 C. Return to starting position. Relax. Repeat 4-6 times.

Exercise 3.

Original position — the same. Quietly tilt the head forward, touch the chin to the chest, the corners of his lips lift upwards (as if smiling). Feel the muscles of the cervical spine and neck muscles. Fix this condition within 8-6 S. Relax. Repeat 6-10 times.

Exercise 4.

Original position — the same. Bending the arm at the elbow, place the brush on the back of the neck. On the hand, the head will build. The other hand placed under the chin as a support. Tilt your head slightly forward, inhale and hold your breath, hand slowly lift and throw back the resisting head. Sliding the lower jaw, pull the chin forward, inhale. At slow lowering of the head, the hand pressed to her chin, slowing her movement, made a long exhale. Then relax your muscles and change hand places.

Exercise 5.

Starting position — sitting, hands to the shoulders. Not throwing back his head, straighten the neck (as if to extend it), his hands pressing on the shoulders, strain your back muscles, sliding the scapula. Hold as voltage of 3-10 s. Relax. Repeat the exercise 6-10 times.

Exercise 6.

Original position — the same. Turn head to the right (not tilting it) to failure. Fix the state of tension of the relevant muscles. Keep this state within 3-10 s. Return to starting position. Relax. The same in the other direction. Repeat 6-10 times.

Exercise 7.

Starting position — sitting, arms down, shoulders back. Slowly rotate your head left and right. Breathing arbitrary. Lower the head the chest and then slowly roll the left shoulder to failure, then tilt your head back, right shoulder and again on his chest. With each new position should be within a b— 10 with locking position. Repeat 4-6 times. The pace is very slow.

Exercise 8.

Starting position — sitting at the table, elbows VA table, prop your chin with your hands (fists). Tilt the head forward, overcoming the resistance of hands, clenching of the teeth. Fix the state of tension of the muscles for 3-5 seconds, Relax. Repeat 10-12 times.

Exercise 9.

Starting position — sitting at the table, elbows on the table. Put your chin on hands folded on one another. Hands gradually lift the chin upwards, overcoming the resistance of the head. Then, pressing the chin, put your hands down. However, their resistance must be stronger than the resistance of the chin. Now relax your muscles and exhale.

Exercise 10.

Starting position — sitting at the table, neck slightly stretched upwards, head in a natural position. Right hand closed in a fist, slightly back chin region, while slightly open mouth, as far as possible sticking forward language. Through 16 with relax, close your mouth, lower your head.

Exercise 11.

Starting position — sitting at the table. She tilted her head to the right, touch the ear, shoulder out. Lock this position for 8-10 C. Return to starting position. Relax — breath. The same to the left. Repeat 10-12 times in each direction.

Exercise 12.

Starting position — sitting at the table. Taking a pencil in her mouth and pulling forward the chin, to "draw" in the air circles left and right. 8-10 laps in each direction. Relax, repeat after resting 4-6 times.


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Exercise 13.

Starting position — sitting, hands on his belt. Slowly, quietly, look under your right armpit. Raise your head, straighten your shoulders. The same to the left. Look at the right shoulder blade. Original position. The same — on the left. The pace is slow. Repeat 10-12 times in each direction.

At the end of the execution of this set of exercises -rest with complete relaxation of the muscles within 10-16 s and more, according to the health.

Effect: the exercises improve the blood circulation of brain and spinal cord retain the mobility of the cervical and upper thoracic spine, strengthen the muscles of the neck.published


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