3 ways to quickly give yourself the confidence a psychologist from Harvard

In life there are events that require maximum tranquility and confidence: job interview, public speaking, critical conversations, and the like. Fortunately, there are ways to quickly get control of yourself.

Website together with the magazine Psychologies found a few scientifically confirmed techniques that will instantly help you to gain confidence in yourself.

1. Adopt the pose of a winner and stay in it for 2 minutes

In his famous lectures to the TED portal, which attracted more than 30 million hits, a social psychologist from Harvard University Amy Cuddy talks about body language and broadcast confidence. The psychologist advises: before any challenging practice "position of power" — in the morning immediately after waking up, in the Elevator or in front of the bathroom mirror — anywhere.

The pose of a superhero: stand up straight, shoulders back, chin should be pointed slightly up, hands on waist, feet apart at hips width. Feel like you are filled with power, and hold the position for 2 minutes. Try to breathe deeply and rhythmically. You can also take the pose of a starfish, hands up in the form of the letter V. Imagine yourself an Olympic champion on the podium.

Experiments prove that people who have benefited from this technique show results better than others. Because body language not only affects how others see us, but it can also change our view of ourselves.

2. Imagine yourself many years later

Vivid and detailed picture of what your life will be in the future, helping to overcome fear of failure. Lecturer of marketing technology at new York University Hal Hershfeld asked the participants of his research to imagine what would happen with them in 10 years.

He then showed some of the respondents, their "aged" image, and then suggested have all, without exception, to invest in start-up projects. Those who have seen his portrait in adulthood, tend to invest twice as likely than those who have not seen. It turned out that, when drawing a picture of the future and clearly presenting it, we do tend to bring it on and act more aggressively.

3. Thank life

This is another way to see the new horizons, despite the recently experienced stress. After the dismissal, divorce, and debt beginner business coach and single mother Jen Scalia was not easy to rise to his feet. To do this, she decided to invest in themselves and undergo a series of distance learning courses on personal development, as well as a daily do a few practices. All together helped her to increase the profitability of the training business project from zero to half a million dollars.

"The first of my daily practice of gratitude. Every night I thought of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me and I have ever seen in my life. The next step of anger management was the gratitude for the things I had yet to receive. For example, instead of the phrase "I want this month I got two new customer" I said to myself: "I am so grateful that now I have two more great customer" — says business coach.

How does it work? It's simple: our minds are easily mislead. These statements really help to believe in success and ultimately draws him. Besides, when we are grateful, we think positively and feel a surge of energy.

Source psychologies.ru
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Author Ksenia Dyakova-Tinoco

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