You come from the 90's if you remember ...

... How do you keep buying Kinder surprises, and your entire home was littered with toys and orange eggs.

Celebrating her birthday at McDonald

All the while buying gum ruble with tattoos inside and constantly paste them yourself, and you remember advertising of "Boom, boom, boomers, super powerful explosion of the ruble, Boomer - a breakthrough»)))
And as a collector inserts «Love is ...»

"Throw off the" Rock-paper-scissors, ...
Viewed on Fridays Field of Miracles with parents and secretly dreamed that your parents got on TV, so that you also got gifts

Remember, such as the transmission:
 - 100%
 - Sesame Street
 - Finest hour
 - Call of the Jungle
 - King of the Hill
 - Very skillful hands of the transfer "While all the houses»
 - Cam currently director and weaknesses (I always take a camera ...)
Your favorite movies are "The Mask," "Dumb and Dumber," "The Matrix," "Home Alone»

You recorded all on VHS on TV

Did you have a cassette Dance Paradise and Union

For hours listening to the radio "Europe + and Ultra" only to record a song that same century

Did you have a cassette player

Remember acid on the subway tokens

 - Lou Bega «Mambo № 5»
 - International Ivanushki
 - Prodigy
 - Limp Bizkit
 - Andrei Gubin
 - Murat Nasyrov
 - On-to
 - Arrows
 - Hands Up
 - Natalia Oreiro
 - Backstreet Boys
 - Britney Spears
 - Spice girls
 - Scooter

Bought magazines:
 - Cool
 - Cool Girl
And of all the stars and Trade Magazines from Hammer (read it under the desk) you always tore the posters and give light weight of his room

All the while drinking juice J7

Played constantly weave / chips / CNPF, exchanged, won, you even had spetsalno bit, which was considered sooo cool

Do you remember the Pokemon (PIKAAACHUUUUUUUU)

You or your friends are:
 - Nintendo Gameboy (later appeared Coloured)
 - Sega
 - Play Station
 - Yo-Yo
 - Polly Pocket
 - Tetris

We bought crackers "Emelya" or "Three crusts" 5 rubles

Played in Barbie and Ken, and was still Sinti, if you were a girl

All wore denim

For once in my life have launched firecrackers

Wore their hair parted in the middle

Lego collected

Designed robots

Remember how your parents or grandparents watched "Santa Barbara»

Sometimes we watched "The Morning Show" on MTV

Remember mesh bracelets and collars, chains around his neck

Viewed STS and many different series:
 - Xena Warrior Princess
 - Hercules
 - Charles in Charge
 - Lisa, or the wonders of science
 - Quantum Leap
 - Beverly Hills 90210
 - Charmed
Atak also watched "Wild Angel" and "Alf»

Viewed cartoons:
 - The Lion King
 - Cinderella
 - Ariel
 - Speed ​​Racer
 - Sailor Moon
 - Tom and Jerry
 - Aladdin
 - Pokahontos
 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
 - Donald Duck
 - Hunters for Referrals
 - Casper

Albums with stickers collected based on various cartoons

You bought the lollipop, and you're constantly ... uh ... suck them

Remember juices from powder Zuko, Yuppii, Invite (Invaaaayt ... just add water)

We played in the "modern" Monopoly

You were Tamagotchi !!! (sometimes even more than one)

They said:
-In Response to YOU:
Popa sniffing flowers,
Chamomile and not mine, your ass sniffing,
and the flowers are useful for you Zelezny
release an aroma through the rear unit
I sniffed, but all your
 - Fakie, horns, fists - these are signs of love
 - 100 pounds


You know how to dance Macarena

Troll collected

playing colorful spring-loaded

painted paint one "magic marker pen" which was turned in different colors, as well as how you ponimte were sprayed markers and markers that change color.

90s called the time of perestroika, and it's true, they are very much influenced our lives)) ninety, we'll miss you!)

Torn apart ... My childhood was a memorable one.


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