12 giant plant-hybrids, which can grow at his dacha. They are amazing!

Experienced gardeners prefer to plant hybrid varieties. They are not only more resistant to cold and heat, will bear fruit and show remarkable resistance to disease. Hybrids amaze with extraordinary properties - size and appearance of these beauties alluding to the fact that they are from another planet. And if the size of apricots and apples seedless grapes have become commonplace, these giant fruits and vegetables confuse any summer resident. It is impossible to believe that all this can grow on your own site! These fruits of scientific progress.

1. Tomato tree
This plant resembles an octopus - a lot of shoots, similar to the tentacles! So called hybrid variety: tomato tree "Octopus F1» is not limited in growth, constitutes more new shoots, only manage to cut. The height of the tomato miracle may reach as much as 4 meters. The harvest is impressive: 14 thousand tomato, with a total weight of about 1, 5 m. Looks tree is simply stunning ...

2. Huge cucumber
This variety has been bred in China, there are several varieties of "Chinese snake", "Chinese dlinnoplodny", "Chinese miracle." Just imagine: cucumbers 40-90 cm in length! Besides the size commands respect, these vegetables have other beneficial qualities. They grow in almost any conditions, and incredibly tasty.

3. Lunar watermelon
Bright yellow flesh of the watermelon is not as sweet as that of the usual red. But in a yellow watermelon seeds quite a bit. This variety was the result of cross-breeding of wild and conventional watermelons, we have distributed variety, known as "The Moon." The taste is similar to mango, lemon and a pumpkin at the same time ...

4. Weighty peppers
These peppers are originally from Italy. Reaches a length of 20 cm, the wall thickness of sweet and crunchy fruits - 3-4 mm. That would be a cook on the grill!

5. Potatoes with a purple heart
Scientists from Colorado had a lot of experiments, and finally they turned potatoes cosmic color. All thanks to anthocyanins - pigment substances with antioxidant properties are retained even after heat treatment! "Purple Majesty" - the most famous variety of the potatoes grown in Scotland it. The name speaks for itself.

6. Majestic Pumpkin
Its flesh is tasty and nutritious, and sizes exceed all expectations! The giant pumpkin is native to South America, this wild species, seen in time and spread. Pumpkin different from the usual soft stalk.

7. Golden beets
This beet does not stain everything around in the blood-red when ripe. And despite the fact that the taste of beets yellowish color completely different from the usual. Yellow soup! I want this vegetable to her in the kitchen as soon as possible ...

8. Pyramidal strawberry tree
A special technique of growing strawberries - planting shrubs on a vertical surface - provides a good harvest. After the bushes comes more light! Antennae trailing on the surface of the pyramid and get a beautiful hedge. Decoration of any garden!

9. Radishes watermelon
Medium-sized radishes with a bitter taste differs incredibly pleasant color. Exquisite purplish and lures to try a vegetable ... But it is much harder than ordinary radish. Its good to rub on a grater medium-sized salad, toast slices and converted into colored puree. Excellent for cultivation in the country in our situation!

10. Dutch onions
Bow "Eksibishen" kept short, in contrast to the usual. But its sweet taste crazy! Originally a hefty onions from Holland, but we extended. Grown varieties can only be planting the seeds, is an annual plant.

11. Tomato + potato
Hybrid was named "Tomtato" - a mixture of English names of potatoes and tomatoes. Under the ground grows a great white potatoes, and on the surface of growing cherry tomatoes. How is this possible? You should not be fascinated: Each sapling grafted hand, stems of potatoes and tomatoes are cut and joined together, they coalesce. This is a wonder ...

12. Cabbage romanesco
Dutch breeders do not know the rest. Broccoli and cauliflower about 10 years ago, they raised a miracle, like the alien from another planet. The main feature of this vegetable: the preparation is no nasty smell is familiar to anyone who has ever in my life cooked cauliflower. This is victory! Cabbage romanesco contains little fat, but a lot of vitamins and nutrients, is easily digested. Mathematicians have expressed the view that the example of Romanesco can be explained by the geometric concept of "fractal».

If you are impressed and inspired by exotic vegetables, teach them to their loved ones! It is difficult to find a person who would not have admired talented breeders. And the most amazing thing - it all can be grown in ordinary suburban environment ...

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