• 100 facts about Turkey through the eyes of Russians

1. The Republic of Turkey was proclaimed in 1923. 97% of the area is in Asia and 3% in Europe.

2. The length from west to east - 1600 km, from north to south - 600 km. Surrounded by 4 seas. It shares borders with 8 countries.

3. The first cows humans tamed 7 Goals in the territory of modern Turkey, thus adding to your diet cow's milk. Prior to that, drinking goat.

4. gladiator cemetery was the first (and so far only time) found in Turkey in Ephesus. He was found the remains of 67 people, including surgical operations conducted.

5. Aristotle Onassis was born in Smyrna (now Izmir). And earned his first million in Buenos Aires, opening the company for Turkish tobacco.

6. In Turkey 33,400 archaeological sites and 440 000 historical and archaeological sites (I think Italy or Greece is much smaller).

7. Buying property in Turkey by Russian citizens is a sufficient condition for them to receive a residence permit.

8. Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, is now in the church of St. George in Istanbul.

9. All the native-Turkish names are translated as Indians. For example: Gökhan - Heavenly Khan (ruler), Umüt - Hope, Yilmaz - never surrendering, Aynur - The sacred light of the moon, Aysu - Moonlit water.

10. The first pictures of Neolithic times have been found during archaeological excavations in Turkey. It also found the oldest known human settlements - 7000 BC. e.

11. Local production of tea Turks established only in 1930, while in Turkey it was used from the I century BC. e.

12. In Turkey, Philip Morris has recently started to produce 7 cm shorter cigarettes (Marlboro was - super) in order to reduce the time for smoke breaks. But the idea did not go. Demand was low.

13. In order to fill the car in Turkey, from it you can not go. In each column operate tankers, each dispensing terminal is equipped with a cashier.

14. Tea, water, bread and some vegetables and cheese snacks almost all the restaurants in Turkey served for free.

15. The Armenian shrine - Mount Ararat, where Noah's ark moored, located on the territory of Turkey.

16. The Turkish city Urzurum (now Erzerum) once visited the Pushkin.

17. Two of the seven wonders of the world are located in Turkey - is the Temple of Artemis and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

18. In Antalya the Russian consulate recorded more than 13,000 Russian citizens permanently residing.

19. aloe (Aloe kolahoe) bloom in Turkey every winter.

20. The word turquoise (turquoise) comes from Turkey. And due to the color of the Mediterranean Sea.

21. Turkey - the country is stable part of the world top three for the price of gasoline.

22. As a result of the signing of the 4th paragraph of the agreement in December 1920 between the command of the Red Army and N. Makhno, rebel army of Nestor Makhno had to be relocated to Turkey as a military aid of the army of Mustafa Kemal in the war against England and Greece.

23. Vladimir Zhirinovsky speaks fluent Turkish language.

24. The writer Yuri Shilov for his work entitled "Turkish love or hot nights of the East" almost shlopotal Turkey honorary title of persona non grata.

25. At the time of formation of the Turkish Republic (1923), there were 12 532 thousand. Man. According to the 2005 census, the population of Turkey is 73 million.

26. Father of the Turks, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born in Thessaloniki.

27. Legislative power in Turkey belongs to a unicameral parliament consisting of 550 deputies. Parliament is elected every 4 years. Turkish President is elected by universal suffrage for a term of 5 years with the possibility of re-election for one more term.

28. Tarkan deprived of Turkish citizenship. Then again issued.

29. Tulip not originally from the Netherlands, and Turkey. In Holland, tulip bulbs were imported only by the Turks in the XVI century.

30. Julius Caesar proclaimed his famous words «Vini, Vidi. Vici »in the 47th BC. e. after the victory over the kingdom of Pontus in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

31. "Lukoil" belongs in Turkey about 700 gas stations.

32. For some reason, many believe that the greatest number of minarets - six - at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. It is not true. At the Al-Haram mosque in Mecca, after the last renovation in the 80s, nine. Before that, there were seven.

33. nonsense spoken guides and tour guides, explaining that Turkey removed two crops of oranges a year. It's like a woman giving birth every 4 months.

34. The Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American entrepreneurs selling marble, prefer to buy in Turkey mine (it's inexpensive, about $ 1 million. For the amount with a term development of 80-140 years). Only Russian persistently carry the finished stone. Overpaying as a result in 5-6 times more expensive.

35. Such famous people as the "father of history" Herodotus, the author of the immortal "The Odyssey" and "Iliad" Homer, the Apostle Paul, teller Persian philosopher Omar Khayyam, fabulist Aesop, and even the mythical King Midas come from Asia Minor, which now bears the name of Anatol - present Turkey.

36. In Turkey, more than a dozen ski resorts.

37. In Turkey religion legally separated from the state. All churches have equal status. On the territory of the country is 78,000 mosques, 321 different Christian communities and 39 synagogues.

38. Oceanarium, which opened in 2009, the year in Istanbul - the largest in Europe.

39. On the south shore (and not only) Turkey prohibited the construction of brick and prefabricated houses.

40. In 2006, during the writing of the album «On The Island», David Gilmour played without any posters and announcements in some bars Kas.

41. Turkey was not involved in the Second World War, while maintaining neutrality.

42. Where to go from Antalya to Ankara, the highway 10 kilometers through changes to the asphalt coating on concrete and expanded once in 2. This area, about a kilometer in length, - replacement band combat aircraft in the event of armed conflict. Such "airfields" in the country a lot.

43. The Turks as a nation have become so named in 1923, after the proclamation of the Turkish Republic Ataturk. Before that, they were called - the Ottomans (or the Ottomans or the Ottoman Turks).

44. Tax on real estate in Turkey is 0, 3% of the cadastral value of the property. 1 is paid once a year.

45. Turkey produces 2 million. Cars a year. Assembly lines have firm Ford, Fiat, Peugeot, Toyota, Citroen and others. Many models of passenger cars sold in Russia - made in Turkey.

46. ​​Meskhetian Turks as a nation formed on the territory of modern Georgia as a result of mass migration to the Ottoman Turks Meskheti in the XIII century, after the Mongol invasion and the campaign of Timur in 1395. Now Meskhetian population - about half a million people.

47. In Moscow, there is no decent Turkish restaurant.

48. Burial of King Antiochus I in. Mount Nemrut National Park is the largest mound in the world. At an altitude of about 59, 8 meters it covers an area of ​​3 hectares.

49. A resident of Turkey's Sultan Kosen was the tallest man in the world as of the end of 2009. His height - 2 m 47 cm.

50. Russian-Turkish War era cover in 242 years. During the 1676-1918 biennium. Ten military conflicts occurred. Military action in the Caucasus during the First World War can be considered the eleventh Russian-Turkish war. By the way, the decline of the Ottoman Empire occurred mainly as a result of these wars.

51. Oranges from the village of Kas (100 km from Antalya) in their qualities are among the best in the world.

52. In Turkey, held the race in Formula 1 and the World Cup Rally.

53. Some of the Russians, who have property and periodically living in Kemer, do not know a word of Turkish (in English and German too).

54. The share of industry in the economy of the country is about 28%, agriculture - 15%, construction - 6%, services - 51%.

55. Frunze short time was the ambassador of the USSR in Turkey. As a result of this, as well as the signing of 03.16.1921 in Moscow treaty of friendship between Turkey and Russia, Turkey received aid from Moscow in the form: 39 000 rifles, 327 machine guns, 54 guns, 63 million rounds of ammunition, 147,000 shells 100 000 sets of clothing, 62,000 pairs of shoes, 4,500 tons of food. As well as the construction of two factories and powder cartridge factory. Well, as the fat point - 10 million. Gold rubles (about 8 tons in terms of metal). The Greeks, who conducted parallel negotiations with Lenin at the same time, still remember it with hiccups.

56. Spices, served in Europe during the Middle Ages for the preservation of meat, almost exclusively imported from Turkey. Highest their value as a result of the monopoly, have motivated the rapid development of navigation and the beginning of the era of great geographical discoveries.

57. Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky, has the following awards of the Turkish Empire: Order of "Nishan Ali» IV degree (1856), the Order of Osman II degree (1874), Diamond medal (1880), the Order Medzhizi I degree (1890). He was eight times in Turkey, where he held a variety of exhibitions and donated a large amount of pictures.

58. Beycik village is 15 km from Kemer - the most environmentally friendly (and for me - the most beautiful) in Turkey.

59. The bird-lizard-dragon Terminator Robocop Chimera, described by Homer in the "Iliad", based on the present Mount Tahtali, which currently carry tourists on the red wagons.

60. In Turkey, there are more than 100 kinds of minerals.

61. Istanbul - the only city in the world located on two continents: Europe and Asia. For thousands of years of history in Istanbul, he visited the capital of three great empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

62. In Turkey, there were three military coups - in 1960, 1971 and 1980.

63. During the 75 years of history with the aircraft Turkish Airlines plane crash occurred three for international flights and 18 - on the interior.

64. In 1963, Christianity has defined a cave near Antakya, which is believed by many researchers to have preached the apostle Peter, the first cathedral in the world.

65. Dervish taught the rotation of the dance is very hard method. Between the fingers of the right supporting leg clamped nail driven into the floor, he pushes on the left circle. Additional nails were packed along the rim between the central nail and circle repulsion. Any loss of balance led to the fact that the dancer stepped on nails.

66. As evidenced by some sources, Mark Antony gave to Cleopatra as a wedding gift of land south-west coast of Turkey.

67. The youngest billionaires of Turkey '41. Yes, and it is - an Azerbaijani.

68. According to the newspaper "Hurriyet" Mikhail Prokhorov, who bought 184,000 sq.m in Cesme coast in 2007, the year, too, wants to repeat the feat of Telman Ismailov with the construction of seven-star hotel.

69. When the outcome of the PN Wrangel from Sevastopol to Istanbul came 126 ships with 150 000 refugees.

70. Casino in Turkey were legalized in 1983. And in February 1998 - are closed. At closing of the country's working 79 casinos with a total turnover of more than $ 14 billion.

71. House of the Virgin Mary where she spent her last days, located on a mountaintop in Ephesus.

72. The novel "Murder on the Orient Express" was written at the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul in 1934, the year. The 411-room hotel, where Agatha Christie lived, it is now a memorial museum. And he lived in the hotel Alexander Vertinsky.

73. The English name turkey - Turkey - Turkey has nothing to do.

74. The death penalty has been abolished in Turkey in 2001, but really since 1984 not a single person was not executed.

75. The currency in Turkey is easy to change, paying for any small thing in large supermarkets. Surrender will at any rate the same or more favorable than in exchange offices.

76. Antalya Airport - one of the few with Duty Free shops at the outlet.

77. The population census is not carried out in Turkey's ethnic composition, so the approximate estimates of the number of nationalities. It is expected that Turkey is home to over 20 million. Kurds, from 1 to 2 million. Caucasian peoples, 0, 5 million Arabs, about 40 thousand. Armenians and about 70 thousand. Jews.

78. The coffee was originally imported from Yemen to Istanbul. And only then spread to Europe.

79. One of the options for passing the zero meridian at the time was the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

80. pants tourists in resort areas with a request to go to measure up generally do not pull the Turks and immigrants from the former Soviet Union, which, however, may be submitted to the Turks.

81. In the modern Turkish language borrowed many French words and almost no English.

82. At the top of the power (17th century) the Ottoman Empire occupied the territory of today's Caucasian republics, the South of Ukraine, virtually the entire Middle East, including the Islamic holy sites of Mecca and Medina, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, and the whole of the Balkans, Hungary and Slovakia. < br />
83. The first jokes about Khodja Nasreddin were recorded in Turkey in the 16th century writer and poet "Jami Rum" Lamia. Nasreddin - a real character who lived in the years 1208-1284. in eastern Turkey.

84. Military marches are completely Turkish roots. Fashion for military orchestral music was born with the penetration into Europe Janissary marches in the 18th century, and was reflected in the works of Haydn, Beethoven and Mozart.

85. Yogurt, even though it is the Turkish name and sverhpopulyaren in Turkey, does not even come from Bulgaria.

86. The Turkish community living in Germany, is from 2 to 8 3, 2 million. People, not counting tourists. Its annual growth rate is 1, 2-1, 5% per year.

87. About 10, 5 thousand. Years ago, the oldest currently known urban settlements - Çatalhöyük appeared in south-western Turkey.

88. One of the first accurate maps of the planet was created by Turkish cartographers in 1513 The map with the amazing accuracy of the displayed Europe, Asia, Africa and open at the time of the Americas, as well as those places that were open early navigators after the creation of the card.

89. Bridge Ataturk (Bosphorus Bridge) - one of the longest suspension bridges of the planet. Its length is 1560 meters with a main span length of 1074 meters and the height of the roadway above the water about 64 meters.

90. In Turkey, at the entrance to almost any private home take off your shoes and leave it beyond the threshold.

91. Cats that live along the shores of Lake Van in Turkey, adapted to the water. They may be in it for a long time, catching small fish and shellfish. Van cats even sleep in the lake, sitting comfortably in the shallow areas.

92. Mediterranean coast of Turkey is on the same latitude with Seoul, Tokyo and San Francisco.

93. The first in the history of the Seljuks established a system of public insurance, to cover losses of traders.

94. The number of species of flower in Turkey reaches 9000; one third of them - are endemic, ie. e. are found nowhere else. For comparison: in Europe the number of species - 11 500.

95. Turkey is unique in the world outside of the US plant to produce the F-16.

96. Turkey is one of the safest countries in the world in the number of criminal offenses

97. Mardin still can hear the native language of Jesus Christ - Aramaic.

98. Two-thirds of the Turkish population is under 35 years old.

99. Currently, the world's Turkish is spoken by about 90 million people.

100. All these facts about Turkey printed in the Taiwan computer the light bulbs under the Dutch prihlёbyvanie Italian coffee Russian man.


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