The spiritual connection to their native

In ancient civilizations, by chance they put family first, because it is from it, you can get support in any situation. Someone might say that man - the immortal soul, and parents - people who just gave us a body. Children - souls who come to our family, but they have their own life. In these statements there is some truth. But I firmly believe that if a person has broken relationship with parents and birth, then it can not be a harmonious family, nor a successful career or good health.

Our life is governed by the subconscious programs that we have acquired in childhood. The nature of the child and his relationship to the world is laid in the first 2-3 years. Energy determines in this world almost everything, even trees and rocks fall into male or female energy. And a person too - the result of the interaction of yin and yang, the combination of masculine and feminine. It is important that this combination was harmonious.

If a woman does not respect her husband, says that "it is her whole life ruined," takes on the male function, focuses on career, she begins an imbalance in the mind first, and then - the body. If a man becomes feminine, he wants to look after him, he does not want to take responsibility for their women and children, he closes the masculine.

To understand how things work with the energy you and your loved ones, is simple: take a look at how a person develops personal life. I care whether a man about his children and his wife? Does a woman seeks to ensure that realize themselves in the family? Or are only interested in a career and money? If you notice that it is often sick, it is also not without its problems with my parents.

Mother to us - the female personification of the divine father - the male. The left side of the body is related to the female energy, the right - with the men. Many eastern doctors in diagnosing pay attention to which side of the body of a person hurts. So specifying the reason for the disease. Think about how your family treated men and women? It was in the family problems that were repeated from generation to generation? If so, it is important to you to break the vicious circle, to live harmoniously and happily.

How To Fix?

Forgive your parents

The past can both pick up our energy and give strength. If you have a grievance or unforgiven guilt for what you have offended someone, it is likely that in this you have a problem. People who symbolize for us the past - our parents. If you are for something they hurt and can not forgive, then you kind of close support and energy of the universe. This can affect your children and on.

For example, if your family from generation to generation are repeated insults at the men, then stopped the influx of male energy and, consequently, can not be a success in many activities, women did not arrange her personal life, there are diseases which are located in the right part of the body.

Once I came for consultation woman whose astrological and karmic all was well. But this personal life she did not go well, the men out one by one. We got to talking, it turned out, when she was 13 years old, her father wanted to leave the family. Later, the parents reconciled, and she forgot about it. But she has carried the offense through life, she did not aware.

If a woman has unresolved problems in the relationship with his father, hardly it will have its own harmonious family. If a man has aggression toward his father, he is hardly possible a successful career. In addition, there may be problems with the state structures, which are also associated with the male.

The first thing to do - think back to the past and remember the wrongs that you have caused significant adults. You thought your grandfather leave you inherited a lot of money, but he did not. Or another picture from the past: you're a little girl who had not seen Dad all day and managed to miss. And he went into the house, meets its strict shout, saying, "Leave me alone." Think of the scene quietly, careful not to be included in it emotionally. Mentally, "walk" on their bodies, never to be tension. Say to yourself: yes, I have a father and this mother, I can not change that. If the relatives do not come this way you would like to avoid condemnation. In-law did not want to spend time with their grandchildren. It was her choice, and you have made your - live without resentment and condemnation.

Honor your parents

The Buddha said that even if we are all life to serve their parents, we will not have time to give them a debt. If you feel that your parents are wrong, remember that they have given you life. We are parents, we have earned and those that are best suited for working off karmic problems. In Russia, respect for parents eradicated many years. It was believed that in order to serve the homeland can be dispensed from their homes. But this lack of respect for age. Many of us think that the parents are too conservative, do not take the new knowledge. But think about what sounds in many religions: "Honor thy father and mother." Honor them without any conditions!

Serve its kind

Once in a hospital in Kazakhstan brought an elderly man. He was accompanied by four of his adult sons. When it became clear that the need to buy a very expensive drugs, they took the money and bought them. Although the amount spent was equal to the annual income of four families. You would like you to have these children? So you ought to be such a child. Serve someone with joy, make them happy. Someone may say, "We need to take care of my mother buy her a new car, it has long been so requests." But it's not just financial support. Much more important is the feeling that is behind it. Better heartily embrace my mother and tell her the good word than to pay off her car.

The main thing - to learn to live here and now. The first thing you can do for the service of its kind - is working on his spiritual growth. Second - you help your family closer to unconditional love. If they have bad habits (for example, dependence on hard liquor or tobacco), try to convince them of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but do it gently, without aggression. The main thing to us in relation to the parents - unconditional love. Express them homage. Treat their shortcomings with humor. Be tactful. If the parents still take offense, remember that this is one way to manipulate relatives.

If you can not be there, like parents at a distance

If the parents in the house constant quarrels and conflicts, not delve deeply into these problems, otherwise you take the negative energy. Bring treats parents, invite them to take a walk in nature, but try to be in the house less, do not bring your children there. Does your mom always dirty? Place your order in her house or hire her au pair. The main thing - start accepting parents for what they are. It is important not to break away from parents on the heart level. Time and space - the restrictions that exist only in our minds. There are subtle connection that much more important. It does not matter, the person is alive or dead. You can communicate with the dead ...

Ask the parents' blessing

Many times I have noticed: a lovely couple, people love each other. But if someone from parents against marriage and blesses him, the future for this pair is very problematic. Try to get as much blessing from the mother and father. You can even ask the parents to say aloud: "I bless you that you were happy┬╗.

Try to curry favor and respect for her husband's parents

The mother of her husband for a woman to become a second mother karmically, it must accept and understand. If your relationship has power, then you need to change something inside of you, especially if you live with her mother in law. It is important that the family was harmonious energy, because it affects the health of children and the whole family, success in your endeavors. If harmony between his wife and mother in law can not be achieved, the husband has to find independent housing for the family. After all, he took responsibility for his wife. What if the mother of your husband refuses to make contact? Try the technique of getting rid of resentment.

Do not condemn it, saying to himself, "mother in law does not love me, so I somehow attracted such a situation." Learn how to earn the love and respect. If you want to bless you in-law, give her gifts to serve her, ask her to help. Ask what you can do for her, for her son. When a person is to you, then you can not help a desire to bless him. If you want to devote to it a year of his life, but earn her blessing. The main thing - to preserve the harmony within yourself. If we are harmonious, you can always negotiate with people. If you tried, but you did not work? Do not blame the mother in law, and do not take offense to it. You have done everything they could. Maybe get later.

Consider the history of your family.

Analyze the problems that arise in your family. For example, such a family history: all kinds of women throwing their husbands. That 20-year-old daughter, the beautiful bride tossed right in front of the wedding, and she had a wedding dress is ready, and the guests invited. This means that the claim for a man go on a sort of a girl and they need to be "work" for all generations. On the one hand, it is very difficult, on the other - if it does, it will support the kind of colossal. Many times I have seen that when a woman decides to issue to parents, her 2-3 months changing personal life.

Techniques of getting rid of resentment

Set a photo parents and bowed to the floor. Think about what you bow to them as the representatives of the divine. Do this several times each day. At the time of the bow when we omit the head below the heart, leave the pride and resentment. If you bow sincerely from the heart, without expecting something in return, there may be some amazing things. Suddenly mom calls and says, "Excuse me, I'm a child was not fair to you." No matter how far you are from parents on the energy level they feel.

Letter mom
Often we do not remember their grievances, especially if they were applied in early childhood. But in the subconscious aggression towards parents remains. When we write with his left hand, the subconscious is activated, it turns on the right hemisphere. Write on a piece of paper: "Dear Mom (call it by name), I'm sorry for everything. Dear Mother, I forgive you for everything. " You can even add, "I thank you for everything." If you do it regularly for two months, your subconscious resentment and aggression go.

Remove guilt

Whatever your parents, you do not accidentally born in this family. We all make mistakes, but if a sense of guilt towards the parents accompany you for many years, then you need to mentally return to the past. Whatever your parents received in the past, it should take. Only then you can improve the karma of a kind.


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