The power of the morning: why successful people get up at 4:00

When overactive lifestyle, it may seem that for businesses to constantly do not have time during the day. However, the key to improving performance is to use the morning hours.

President Michel Haas Starbucks network for the past 15 years, rises every day at 4:30 am to do business. Gretchen Ruben, a popular author of projects, wakes up at 6 am and working hour before his family raised. The expert on time management Laura Vanderkam points out in his book "Before breakfast" that for successful business, you must learn to rise early to bed for several reasons.

Why is it important to get up early?

Concentration. Day of any busy person is filled with things very quickly, so the morning of the most productive and quiet time to do things that require brainstorming and loneliness.

Strength of will. In the morning a man a peak brain activity and purity of consciousness, so even the "owls" case solved faster and better in the morning.

Positive charge. That morning set the mood throughout the day. Therefore, rising early and doing all things, the activities will bring greater satisfaction and results in achieving your goals.

The thought of climbing out of bed at dawn many causes cringe. However, there are several methods to turn an avid "owl" in the "lark" to improve the productivity of small businesses.

How to learn to get up at 5 am?

1. Time Magazine. One of the reasons why people do not like to get up early in the morning, is that they go to bed too late. Time Magazine will determine how productively used during the day. Most of the night owls who dream to create a successful business, find that they spend a lot of time on useless exercises. Another 3 years ago, I would sit at work late into the night.

2. A perfect morning. Next, you need to imagine what would you do if you had a couple of extra hours in the day. Let's go to the gym instead of a small stretch marks? would read the newspaper instead of skimming headlines? This creates a great stimulation, especially for those who are engaged in entrepreneurial activity.

3. Planning for the morning hours. To learn how to get up early, it is important to prepare for the morning the evening affairs. That is, if it was decided to go for a jog, you should prepare for this clothing, and the like.

4. Slow replacement habits. If you are used to get up at 7:30, you should not immediately start the alarm for 5 am, as you turn it off and return to the world of dreams of successful business. Instead, set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier in order to integrate into the new regime gradually.

I wake up every day at 5-6 in the morning. Very pleased with the results and its effectiveness, and then advise you. Use the morning hours, it is possible to achieve considerable success in business. I advise you to watch the morning motivational videos and listen to good music. Wake up early and good luck to you.


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