"Reeds in the Wind" - exercises Katsudzo niches for those who constantly feel cold hands and feet

Exercises for those who constantly feel cold hands and feet

Some people complain that they constantly feel cold limbs. Sometimes these events are accompanied by pains in the heart. This is despite the signs that the capillaries are compressed spasms: means the entire circulatory system does not work properly, and the organs and tissues do not get enough of food. Such people are recommended, in addition to gymnastics for capillaries, two more exercises.

The first exercise is a beautiful name in the spirit of the East - "Reed in the wind." It significantly increases blood flow throughout the length of the lower limbs, relieves tired feet, improves the nutrition of tissues and muscles.

Lie on your stomach on a firm, flat surface, place your hands at your sides, bend your knees and relax them, imagining that they are from the knees to the soles turned into a reed, gave the will of the wind. Give your feet the freedom of movement. Give them a chance, flexing, hitting on the buttocks. Did you get to the buttocks will be possible immediately. Help yourself by imagining that the wind was more and more power hitting your feet - a reed, and they are something together, alternately bend lower and lower, closer to the buttocks. This exercise should be done within 2-3 minutes twice a day in an effort to ensure that the heel is still getting out to the buttocks.

The second exercise to improve blood supply to the extremities - massage with nuts. It can be used also to relieve nervous tension.

Take two walnuts, put between your hands and do rotational movements for 2-3 minutes. It is important to make efforts to nuts as tight as possible is pressed into the palm.

Then put on the nut under each foot and ride their soles on a hard, flat surface, but again not without effort, to nuts tightly pressed into the foot. Duration of massage of the feet is the same as the massage of hands.

Exercise third - Gymnastics at the unequal development of the right and left body parts

People who have unequal development of the right and left parts of the body (.. Muscle, nerves, etc.), it is necessary to perform capillary gymnastics somewhat differently: lie on your side, raise your hand and foot by about 30 ° with respect to the body and make them lighter vibrational motion for 2-3 minutes.

With the development of unequal left and right body parts of their function is not balanced, which often leads to various diseases. That is why it is so important to both halves of the body are balanced.


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