People, be vigilant! A few words about idiots

I have long known that people have got no talents equally. There are people who are strong, there are beautiful, there is good, there are smart ... And there is not very much. In this first somehow small as compared with the latter. And an interesting point: the strong and beautiful once distributed evenly across society, but smart for some reason a handful in his separate world

. I was lucky to be with clever. I will not puff out his chest and nose up - I got the mind to a large extent inherited, and the ability to learn has resulted, from the natural thirst for knowledge. My contribution to this. Nevertheless, people are stupid annoyed me for a long time, until I did not come up, it is impossible to demand from people what they can not give.

And then it dawned on me that the people who did not get mad, it's the same people that annoy and surprise (not only) me and other behavioral manifestations. However, strange (it's not) I them almost do not intersect, sometimes only know of their existence.

But it seems to me that this is a world that exists, even apart from me and my world intersects with only some individual points. And I wanted to somehow summarize my understanding of this particular world of stupid people.

There are people who spend the weekend in a drunken state. Imagine: starting from Friday evening they jammed ethanol in different dilutions in order to lose time on the remnants of the mind. They just drink ethanol with water - called vodka. And even in some strange way to distinguish good from bad vodka.


I subtracted somewhere story of a man who has got to the banquet to biochemists. They did not buy vodka, they took bidistillate (very, very clear water of double distillation, it does not conduct electricity, even), analytical grade ethanol was added (very, very pure alcohol without impurities) and mixed it in the ultrasonic saturator. And the ingredients and equipment are available, in principle, and not even very expensive. The man says he had never drank so soft and good vodka. After this story I thought that some of the same penny urine should be done vodka, commercially available, so that it was so bad.

Moreover, there are people who drink beer. A lot of. Drunk.

There are people who watch television. I'm not talking about the fact that the TV they have to do is to be, and must be connected to the antenna. They look air channels. TV series. Dumb chatter of talking heads. Along with advertising. And they are not sick from it. And even more surprising that they believe in that nonsense that pours out to them from the screen. Including commercials.

In Soviet times, television was the elite, the Party and the monopoly industry, which invested efforts plurality of experts to give viewers the opportunity to see and learn what else will not work.

After adjustment TV got a random handful of participants in the division. Roughly speaking, it is now bloggers get-together, which has got the lottery broadcast. Filling the TV matches the filling medium of the blog. Many brilliant, amazing people, creatures and phenomena, never get a box simply because bloggers are not familiar with them. And the fact that in the box there - is familiar bloggers and persons and events of their narrow range of interests

. But people are watching it. It's amazing, but look. Is free. I do not know for how much money would be willing to spend their time on this process, and they do it for free.

Yet for a long time, we conducted an experiment: take two kittens in baskets hung, connected in such a way that they can only be rotated synchronously. But this one's feet kitten standing on the floor, and the second - hung in the air. That is, only one of the kitten ran motion, and the second only passively accept the same as the first. After some not very big, time, cats have tested, and found out that the development of active kitten in general is correct, and the development of passive hardly budge.

So I think even the most stupid computer game more useful than debilizor. I have long been no TV, as well as many of my friends.

There are people who listen to pop music. I have even seen such. I understand that a little more complex music they can not afford, but it's uzhoss. Weak vocals, mediocre text, and even music ... From the middle of the first verse of the song you can sing along to the unfamiliar - and not miss. They listen, and they do not disgusting.

Oh, I almost forgot: there are people who listen to Prison, mistakenly called chanson. Drunken, raucous, aggressive attempts to tear into the criminal category on the three chords. I do not understand: they that were sitting, sit or are going to sit

? Many even nature can not do without that dirtied the auditory channel some "dyts-dyts". Just because the perception of the sounds of nature occupies the attention and so no matter what is missing. A familiar "boom-Peck" attention is not required at all.

Incidentally, it's - the same people who litter the streets (just because the voltage of attention required for search boxes - strain for them), turning from the opposite row with no indicator (for the same reason: to pull the handle - it separate, tiring effect) pushes on the street, as the notice of another person and to correct the trajectory - is hard intellectual work

. This amazing, you can not say that they are hopeless. They try - the best of their poor strength

. In the country I occasionally scraped out of the bushes out of its fence bottles and cans. Where are they coming from? Stupid people buying beer (pivasik!) Do not think about where they will get to the container. Tara overtakes them suddenly, in the middle of the road (what a surprise! The empty bottle in his hand! How suddenly?). It should be put somewhere.

Drag to the garbage - oh, it's so hard, it is necessary at all times to monitor the presence of the object in your hand or bag, tired TV on the brain is not enough ... And then - ta-daaam! - At the unfortunate shyness is triggered

. He can not leave the jar or bottle in the middle of the road - it's shameful, indecent, and someone may think is bad. But if you throw it in the bushes by the fence - it is not visible. And accidents, it appears that from this it looks more cultured. It's like cat poop digs in a corner behind a chair.

That is the paradox: redneck throws his bottle under my fence FROM shy! Zhestlitsoruka.

In the morning, I check several sites. Just to remember that life is Cool and I have no problems, even if I thought otherwise.

Nearly half of the cases of difficulty, sometimes very serious, different people, writing on these sites come from improvidence, carelessness, sloppiness simply. And these people do not complain about their carelessness, they complain only to the terrible consequences of it. A man got drunk, stole, it was closed - oh, oh, how unhappy! Fight, injured - oh, oh, what an unexpected trouble! Accumulated credits, there is nothing to give - what bad luck! Associated with the suspicious person, I ran into a betrayal - of that I was a

? They do not come to mind that all of this would not be, if they bother to think. It simply does not have the skill.

I have a habit: If I meet an unfamiliar word, I immediately search for it on the internet to find out the value. Usually it takes less than a minute. Most prefer to ask the source, even if it is a forum in which they will receive a response if they receive, after hours, or even days.

Fiction, but even if you specify to these people an easy opportunity to get immediate answers to their questions, they do not use search engines to expand their erudition. Simply there is no urge.

This, however, is not so bad. Lack of knowledge they make up information from advertising, the yellow press (which is created by the same incurious ignorant as themselves), and if you do not have enough of these sources - even from their own imagination. In this fiercely argue with those who took the trouble to find out, but what it really is.

At one of the sites found complaints professionals who are tired of the incompetence cultivated in the simplest and most important areas of life. At the same time they do not generalize a similar experience, and yet incompetence - not a specific indication, and the global

. The man who did not bother to find out what is bought them sausage (made on the packaging), just do not care about how to read carefully your order or to hear your suggestions for service.

If he believes that vitamin tablets - "Chemistry", GMOs are harmful, and the world is governed zhidomasony, the same nonsense reigns in his head and on all other occasions, just by chance sometimes matching reality. No matter how you interact with that person, you will certainly plucked to the fact that he let you down because of its inadequate model of the world.

You ask him to feed the fish - he nasyplet the aquarium pepper, because I heard that it's useful to fishes. You ask him to hold the camera - he slap the lens with your fingers, because the optics contamination excellent scour saliva. And so on.

But this is not the whole problem. These people sit in the Duma and in the ministries. They create and pass laws on the basis of their own ignorance. They will fight Hentai, because it is harmful to watch. Meanwhile, these creations are effective in reducing sexual crimes in the country.

But they do not know about it, do not know that there were such research, and if they report it, you would not believe, and will still come from their own beliefs, substituting facts imagination and knowledge - faith. They will deal with information piracy, because due to his reduced income producers and musicians. Reduces there really? Well no. On the contrary, slightly increased at the expense of advertising.

But they do not prove ...

They do not know how to argue. They will not look for evidence of his opinion, they just will repeat his thought over and over again, giving it as fact, replacing the "I" to "all", and "it seems to me" to "we know that».

Gray and denseness governs the country. Hindsight, leading to disasters in the lives of ordinary people by legislators, bureaucrats, politicians, just as expected, leads to disasters across the country. Fortunately, this is one of the few manifestations of "other people", from which you can not distance itself.

Gray and backwardness prevails among specialists. They do not know the basic terms and laws in their field, they give recommendations on the basis of general considerations, they do not understand what they do. This is normal. They do not understand anything, and his work is not much longer than the rest ...

For a visitor to a computer exhibition I wondered why it was so many different headphones and cell phones, and the selection of mice and keyboards - much poorer. With this question he turned to stand assistant, who was a man, obviously thinking, because it said:

- You see, in order to use a computer, you should be able at least to read, or better still write. And in order to not have anything to watch and listen.

What I wrote all?

Yes, just the fact that a reasonable person is useful to understand that such as he - from 4 to 20%, and no more. That, despite the fact that its environment, formed over the years and decades of diligent screening, may be able to think, most of the process is not capable of, and if he will hope for the best in a person, it is guaranteed to be disappointed.

What needs to be borne in mind that the bulk of the population conditional reasonable, and rely on intelligence, erudition, education and awareness of others - ineffective

. It's such a different, parallel world, the existence of which is not denied.

"People, be vigilant!» © Yu.Fuchik.

Author: Alexander Lebedev


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