A flat stomach in a short time! While not tried this diet, I can not lose weight ...

< Diet for a flat stomach first of all excludes foods that can cause flatulence or poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract. Me has attracted the fact that a simple meal plan, food is very affordable and delicious, and the result - fast. We need to hold on just 1 week! Ideal flat stomach will be your source of pride.

Diet for taliiOsnova food on this diet - yogurt! . Every day you need to drink 0, 5 liters of sour milk drink, combining it with various products

Menu for the week
  1. Monday boiled chicken breast <. Tuesday baked potato
  2. Wednesday any fruit except bananas
  3. Thursday strong >:. boiled in their jackets potatoes
  4. Friday any fruit
  5. Saturday vegetables Sunday boiled chicken breast

    . To get thin belly at the end of this diet, you must follow a few rules. First, divide the meals into 6 receptions and impermeable. Also, do not overeat! The principle of weight loss on this diet - subtle mix of fasting days, because the diet is not only not harmful to the body, but also benefits the

    . During the diet allowed dry fruits in small quantities! I use them for dessert. You can also drink coffee in the morning, but no sugar, and any unsweetened drinks throughout the day. Week - it quite a bit, is to suffer, then to be proud of her figure and willpower ...

    Tell her friends about this wonderful scheme for weight loss, they probably also want to try it!


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