3 Cut the lemon and put them on the nightstand beside the bed. This trick will change your life!

Each of us is in your fridge unsold products that have not been eaten by time. Today, our editors share the secret of how to give a second life to stale lemons!

After all, they can be used to make Natural Air Freshener

How do freshener vozduhaTebe need
a few stale lemons ash 1-2 cinnamon sticks li > a small bowl

Put the bottom of the bowl a little soda. Then, make an incision crossed from one side of each of lemon and place them in a bowl with soda. For a better effect, add to bowl a few cinnamon sticks.

This arrangement not only beautifully clear the air, but also clean the room of negative energy. Therefore it is best to place a bowl of lemons in the room where you sleep or spend most of the time.

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